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Lord Shen's  Talk Page! 

please do not edit this page .

You do know it's impossible for a cheater to ban someone right? I know it's often thought cheaters can do anything,  but they can't.  Most of them don't even know what they're doing and just remember what buttons to press in order to become faster or immortal. But a cheater can only change things on his own computer,  meaning he can only change his own character.  Like making himself immortal or making himself get more twigs.  It's not possible for him to change someone else,  so he can't ban you.  He could use his cheats to lag you faster than anyone else can to try to force you out of a room,  but you could just reenter the room right after.  Cheaters usually have weak spots because they don't know how exactly their cheats work,  but only how to set them up and use them. Blackwolfking and others are just fooling you,  I hope that this information could help you not get fooled by them anymore. So when the multiplayer is fixed you can just play without having to worry about them. -An anonymous poster

i get what you are saying, but how on earth can just me and my other friends games stop working?  Blackwolf claimed he would ban us, and we were banned. The games stopped working, only for us.

The thing is, AUC went and asked a bunch of people he knew if they had this problem, and they didnt. it was only us.   so i dont know, maybe he banned us, maybe he didnt. who knows.  


They probably used some lagging code to overload whatever device you were playing on. Blackwolfking said the same to be, but since I was playing on a powerful computer none of his tricks seemed to work. The game slowed down terribly for a while, but it went over after that. I guess you and your friends were the only ones in the room that did not know how to counter it quickly, and that's why only you and your friends noticed the problem. I've looked in how the game works, and there is simply no code that cheaters can use to ban people. They must have been using another way that we can use too. -An anonymous poster

yea... but it happend weather he was there or not.  we would go on, be able to get onto multi player for about 10 seconds then it would go black and say "error".   the weird thing was, single player worked :/  it wasnt like the lag codes. 

same happend with lif, but he knew that we used lif as backup. 


There exist something similair to a lagging code that has about the same effect, but a bit worse. Normally the chatbox would not allow you to write it in, but cheaters can take this check out of their game, to be able to use it anyways. They then enter this code, which then appears to everyone currently in their room, much like how lagging works. The problem with this one is, it causes their game to corrupt a piece of data if you have bad luck (the chatbox writes to a piece of memory just a little outside of their chatbox). The game then detects that a piece of data is bad, what under normal circumstances could only happen during a crash or when you are cheating. The game has a few defences against cheaters which then kick in, causing you to disconnect during multiplayer. The developers don't really care if you cheat in single player, since nobody else has to see that. So probably the game marked you as a cheater without you being one, because someone else used a bad chat code (much like lagging). By restarting your browser you should be able to solve the problem. If such a code would work on flab, it's quite likely it would work on other games like lif too, which is why it worked there too. But it's still just a chat code and not a real banning, so you are able to prevent it. Of course it would just be better if such codes would not exist at all, which preveneted everything. I hope in the next update of the game they prevent lagging, which should prevent this as well since it's nearly the same. -An anonymous poster

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          .                                                                 WARNING! DO Not edit my page!!!!  Edit

Hi, i'm Lord Shen and i have been on this wiki for a good year now.

please do not edit my page because if you do i will edit all of your pages ;)

Lord Shen, huh. Edit

ii am aften in hill5 or in6 right now i am in these places between 9:00am and  9:00 pm bermuda time 

Lord Shen sounds like quite the character. I'd love to know more about.  


ok i update it quite often so check every now and then ok;)

more about my history later on ok so read on ;)

by ≈•≈lord shen≈•≈

last update was today

next updates: tommarow

Ah, thank you. I love learning about history! I thank you for that.


please dont lissnt to the bitches who ruin it for me  by ≈•≈lord shen≈•≈  I won't listen, to them.


i dont know the air walk hack or any other hacks i am not a hacker hackers are cowards who kill for pleasur and kill for fun. i am not a hacker and you shouldnt be either hacking is not fair.

≈•≈lord shen≈•≈


ok i wont kill her k val ;)

≈•≈lord shen≈•≈ 

"Ahh now I know why you killed me twice when you saw me, thank you very much you're so nice =.=." ~♥αℓρнαƒιяєωⓞℓƒ♥

"Ahh yes i am nice aren't I! maybe now you will learn to STOP PISSING ME OFF EVERY DAMN DAY! ≈•≈Lord Shen≈•≈

"I never pissed you off.. I'm not even in ShadowClan." -afw

its mafia who is the biggest jerk and he anys lord shen like crazy. mf is only in city1 but the good things he is not a hacker so hes quite eysy to kill:)

≈•≈lord shen≈•≈ 

i don't kill nonames right now. only if they kill me i will kill them.

right now i'm playing the demmo version of flab3 it has swans:) link is here

i'm i city9 or hill9

In my absolute honest opinion, this page is unnecessary. It has nothing to do with FLAB3 [Well, it does but a user.] and if it is not about the game it should not be on the wikia. People come here for information on the game, not to learn about some kung fu panda fanboy/fanboy/whatever your gender is, trying to be a 'peacock' or a 'cockatoo'

- Asurreal of FLAB3

oh good, more nice people!

i am not a "roleplayer" like you think i am, you can leave that to the stupid cat rpers.. and this page is not about kung fu panda infact i only metion it once  in the trivia section because thats where i got my act like its 2 sentences long or stupid or something when  it is about flab3 and what has happend over the years in flab3. i guess you didnt even read half of it(like idiots do)...  oh and this page does have information about the game! .

if you really dont like this page then why the hell did you read it.  the reason i made this page is because i play flab3 every day and alot of people know me and i have played the game since 2009. besides. if you made a page on this wiki you wouldnt want people complaining about it. would you!  so get a life and stop complaing!

oh. and dont bother trying to delete it. i have the whole thing copied ;) 



oh, and who are you? Ender Of The End's(owner of the wiki) special helper? you act like her...


Hi Lord   Edit

Tell you me the sitting and walking on Air hack?

can u tell lord shen to come to C5 from now of names r bella and i am his girl friend on the game plz and also can u tell me who has been teasin him on the game plzzzz so i can get my friends to kill them he will be safe in C5

me and mf are not enemies anymore and i dont know any hacks

tmy main enemie is the sc(shadowclan but more like shitclan) who are selfish spoiled brats who i hate so if you can help me kill them i'de be glad

≈•≈lord shen≈•≈  


which place have u been in ??


i am often in hill5 or in6 right now oct.11.2013

≈•≈lord shen≈•≈

senior shenny !!!! its me speedy gonzales!!! youre a white peacok no? :) bye

yes i am a white peacock thats why i am a seagull in the game because it is white like a white peacock:)

≈•≈lord shen≈•≈

Lord Shen do u were the no name in hill?If u were okey.Oh and have a nice day too !!! :) ~ ♥ fan_ni_sha ♥

and yes i really don't like  no names or  hackers cuz they r cowards ^^ and today were nice to meet you Shen white beautiful peacock ~ ♥ fan_ni_sha ♥

-alphaundercat Hey negel lol xd


i will be on tonight at island5, or city7.  

≈•≈lord shen≈•≈

got it ~alphaundercat

hey lord shen i got a account on here finaly lol ~alphaundercat aka


cool! i might get an account, but not right now!

≈•≈lord shen≈•≈

my computers dying :/  Edit

my computer might die so i if i am not on for a while thats why.

nothin, just the name of my enemy Edit

Hey lord shen. i wanna know.. do u hack? because if you dont hack i would like to challenge you to a friendly fight a hillside 7. i will be on tomorow dunno when prob afternoon. thx bye! 23:40, July 18, 2015 (UTC)King Macaw

no i dont hack, but i will be on now, or later today! 


Hey shen i wont be active for a while cuz i started playing wolfquest, make an account and join me sometime lel! I will be on flab too im going on right now (5:39) thx!

OMG I PLAY WQ TOO!! MY NAMES R BibiLola or KDspeckles!!!!!!! when ya playing????


check this out Edit

i think gamevial is making an arctic life!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah i saw that too! ~Alphaundercat

chat code


=<color=purple>  </color=purple>

<size=50>  </size=50>

colores =aqua brown  black magenta  purple  blue lightblue lime  green   red  yellow  orange   grey 

to use these type in <color=anycolor> (what u want to say) </color=anycolor>

same for  size


<size=50> <color=purple> hi </color=purple></size=50>

and, with a slant!

'<size=50> <color=purple> hi  '</color=purple></size=50>

rain bow

<size=30><color=red>r  <size=30> <color=orange>a '<size=30> <color=yellow>i '<size=30> <color=green>n '<size=30> <color=blue>   b '<size=30> <color=purple>o '<size=30> <color=lightblue>w                                                                                                       </color=lightblue></size=30></color=purple></size=30></color=blue></size=30></color=green></size=30></color=yellow></size=30></color=orange></size=30></color=red></size=30>

So it is that we meet again, Lord Shen.Edit

Lord Shen,

I'm not surprised to see you here. I read throughout your wikia. It was quite interesting, and I noticed that you mentioned Shadow Clan, and Dapple Frost... I was one with the roleplay. Quite serious with it until I reached my teens. Which was a few years ago... Of course, the clans are dead except for on various wikias. And the main members, (Sophie, Dapple, Smoke... Me.) Are nowhere to be found. Although I do know, Dapple AND sophie, disregarding rumours, are long gone. And unlike others, cannot be contacted through their dAs'. I'm unsure about Smoke- what I thought was an encounter with her, I'm sure it was some random cat taking over the t-r-o-t-c wiki, which was founded around 2 years ago and just died over inactivity. (it's dissimilar from what it used to be. Nothing how all of the leaders, included myself designed it to be.) As for the leaders, I'd only merely be shocked to talk to some of my ex close friends. Who'd been with me since I was only 10 years old. That would be a sight? Wouldn't it?

Another sight would be for me to meet you. Dapple hated you, although I never understood why. I know that she accused you a slew of times for editing her page, giving her rather phallic titles. But I'm sure you both antagonized eachother. What I do know, is you really are a Lord to many of the cats and roleplayers. Though we all hated you, you were humble. A spamming kind of humble, but only because it was the cats who attacked you firsthand. I'm sure, from flipping through your page, you remember just about everything. (Gods, killers, cats, rpers, wars between them all.)

I remember everything. And haven't found one person since TROT that knows as much, hell, more than I do about clan events, god events, and multiple other roleplaying events. Again, I'm not surprised to see you here. You mischevious little shit you, Lord Shen. I'd like to pay my respects. But anonymously, until then. I doubt you'd remember anyways. Long before I took rule, and lost it much like every other insidious cat, I hadn't seen you around. The last time I saw your seagull figure was during, and shortly after that war between the clans and the gods. We must meet, soon, too. 00:01, October 19, 2015 (UTC)Nevermore

hi, i did delete dapples page a few times, after she pissed me off on fly like a bird3, but then she would acuse me when it was someone else. and, on fly like a bird 3, dapplefrost didnt like me because i didnt want to "role play". she once let me join the shadowclan then was rude and mean after i didnt want to rp. after that she told people to hate me and all that. after all of that happend i pretty much hated anyone who roleplayed. 

anyways  i have seen smoke(the hacker) on fly like a bird 3 , i dont know if its the same smoke you are talking about. and i saw someone named sophie a  few months ago. 

i'm often at city7, or hil5. sometimes at city1. i use the name Nigel! right now. and i'm almost always a seagull.




i am sorry but my mom deleted my channel, so the vid is deleted :(


alphaundercat. Edit

when will you be on fly like a bird 3? i am on every day at city1 or places below 4.   


not sure... mabye right now?


spam for the holidays! Edit

for halloween!

<size=40><color=orange>h<color=black>a<color=orange>p<color=black>p<color=orange>y   <color=orange>h<color=black>a<color=orange>l<color=black>l<color=orange>o<color=black>w<color=orange>e<color=black>e<color=orange>n<color=black>!!!</color=black></color=orange></color=black></color=orange></color=black></color=orange></color=black></color=orange></color=black></color=orange></color=orange></color=black></color=orange></color=black></color=orange></size=40>

for november and december 

<size=40><color=orange> h<color=brown>a<color=orange>p<color=brown>p<color=orange>y <color=orange>th<color=brown>a<color=orange>n<color=brown>k<color=orange>s<color=brown>g<color=orange>i<color=brown>v<color=orange>i<color=brown>n<color=orange>g<color=black>!</color=black></color=orange></color=brown></color=orange></color=brown></color=orange></color=brown></color=orange></color=brown></color=orange></color=brown></color=orange></color=orange></color=brown></color=orange></color=brown></color=orange></size=40>

for christmas!!

<size=40><color=red>m<color=green>e<color=red>r<color=green>r<color=red>y<color=red>  c<color=green>h<color=red>r<color=green>i<color=red>s<color=green>t<color=red>m<color=green>a<color=red>s<color=green>!<color=red>!<color=green>!<color=red>! </color=red></color=green></color=red></color=green></color=red></color=green></color=red></color=green></color=red></color=green></color=red></color=green></color=red></color=red></color=green></color=red></color=green></color=red></size=40>

<size=40><color=red>h</color=red></size=40><color=green>a</color=green><color=red< span="">>p<color=green>p</color=green><color=red>y </color=red><color=green>h</color=green><color=red>o</color=red><color=green>l</color=green><color=red>l</color=red><color=green>i</color=green><color=red>d</color=red><color=green>a</color=green><color=red>y</color=red><color=green>s</color=green><color=green>!</color=green><color=red>!</color=red><color=green>!</color=green></color=red<>

valentines day

<size=35><color=#s891r4>h</color=#s891r4></size=35><color=#b000l4>a</color=#b000l4><color=#s891r4>p</color=#s891r4><color=#b000l4>p</color=#b000l4><color=#s891r4>y</color=#s891r4><color=#< span="">B000L4>  v<color=#s891r4>a</color=#s891r4><color=#b000l4>l</color=#b000l4><color=#s891r4>e</color=#s891r4><color=#b000l4>n</color=#b000l4><color=#s891r4>t</color=#s891r4><color=#b000l4>i</color=#b000l4><color=#s891r4>n</color=#s891r4><color=#b000l4>e</color=#b000l4><color=#s891r4>s </color=#s891r4><color=#< span="">B000L4> d<color=#s891r4>a</color=#s891r4><color=#b000l4>y<color=purple>!</color=purple></color=#b000l4></color=#<></color=#<>

<color=#d071f3> </color=#d071f3>

chat codes

Chat codes  Edit

to use type in <color=(what ever)=""> __type what you want here__ then type in to send. :)</color=(what>


Chat Codes

blue - <color=#w071r4>  </color=#w071r4>

tan - <color=#q071l4>  </color=#q071l4>

teal - <color=#g071l4>  </color=#g071l4>

pinky purple - <color=#s071r4>  </color=#s071r4>

grey purple  - <color=#o071o4> </color=#o071o4>

deep purple - <color=#l000r4> </color=#l000r4>

hot pink - <color=#b000l4> </color=#b000l4>

red - <color=#t000y4> </color=#t000y4>

olive green - <color=#m83> </color=#m83>

black - <color=#000>haha </color=#000>

invisible purple(dont ask.)  - <color=#90d2> </color=#90d2>

redy-brown - <color=#s447> </color=#s447>

lime green - <color=#lsk> </color=#lsk>

olivde yellow - <color=#omg> </color=#omg>

Sorry reading up on the anonymous post above made me a little sick to the stomach because... Well, I'm alive. Ahem. TROTC has not died, and I am still in contact with Sophie. Also, Lord Shen, I would like to apologize for my childish actions when I was young. I have changed now, I have logic in what I say and think, sooo. I hope we can put the past behind us. - Dapplefrost022|Wall 23:59, December 28, 2015 (UTC)

i'm sorry too for being an asshole to the Shadowclan. i just got upset that all the clans were mad at me. and, is the SC dead or not? because i've seen a few people on flab3 claiming there in the sc. a person named Gamerz told me that hes the leader??

anyways. can we be friends now?


I don't think you should apologize because we were rude to you and that was honestly my fault. But yes we can be friends :) Also, I made it clear I discontinued SC on flab because the roleplayers left so I don't like knowing that info. It's not really dead, since we moved to our own wikia but yeah. We don't go on flab anymore. - Dapplefrost022|Wall 14:03, December 29, 2015 (UTC)

well. after i got  mad at you i kinda made life a living hell for some of the rpers(i kept spamming servers and stuff like that...)..  anyways. a guy called gamerz was claiming that he owns the shadowclan and that shadowwolf is the real owner and other crap. he might have just been doing that because i didnt like the shadowclan and he knew? he said you have a plan to bring the shadowclan back and other stuff like that.(but gamerz can be an asshole so yea....)


Huh. That's interesting. Well, I'll see what I'll do about it. It's difficult to play the game nowadays since I don't have a laptop, but. Myths can always be myths if I can't fix the issue. Thanks for telling me, Shen. - Dapplefrost022|Wall20:08, December 29, 2015 (UTC)

the persons called gamerzworld. he may have just been saying stuff about the sc because he knows that i hated it (no offence)so he used that to piss me off,(hes not exacly a friend..) and. theres another person named clockwork who said she knew the sc. gamer said Shaddowolf is the leader and that he had a bunch of friends that are in the sc. he might just be making it up.


He could have been to be honest because I saw him two days ago in Industry 6 with some other people, and I asked anonymously if they knew someone called "Dapplefrost" and they didn't recognize the name. So they're probably just saying things. - Dapplefrost022|Wall 18:03, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

Hey, its me ☭♔Ⱪįﬡǥ☪ℳᾀcᾀὦ♔☭, sorry i havent seen u in awhile. Reply to talk/play! Bye 00:28, February 8, 2016 (UTC)☭♔Ⱪįﬡǥ☪ℳᾀcᾀὦ♔☭

do you still play?Edit

do you still play FLAB3?

I once saw you in hill7/6.

I am 4949

Falcon 49 (talk) 17:03, February 9, 2016 (UTC)Falcon 49Falcon 49 (talk) 17:03, February 9, 2016 (UTC)

yes all the time :) often at hil5 city7 or city1 :)

i use the names Nigel right now

== ==hahaha

haha.                                                                                                                                           <color=red>!_warning_!<size=10>you have been reported to game vial for breaking the rules. continuing your action will result in a ban from Fly like a bird 3™ for -1000 hours. do not continue hacking, spamming or anything els listed under the rules of fly like a bird 3!. <size=-555>haha</size=-555></size=10></color=red>

         <color=red> you have been reported to gamevial for hacking. please go to the gamevial comunity for help. thank you.                  <color=red><size=7>this is an aug


matic messege by gamevial™<color=red><size=20>warning          <color=red> you have been reported to gamevial for hacking. please go to the gamevial comunity for help. thank you.                 <color=red><size=7>this is an automatic messege by gamevial™<color=red></color=red></size=7></color=red></color=red></size=20></color=red>

<size=20>warning          <color=red> you have been reported to gamevial for hacking. please go to the gamevial comunity for help. thank you.                 <color=red><size=7>this is an automatic messege by gamevial™fu coign computer</size=7></color=red></color=red></size=20>

<color=red><size=20>    warning                                 you have been reported to gamevial for hacking. please go to the gamevial comunity for help. thank you. <size=7>  this is an automatic messege by gamevial™</size=7></size=20></color=red>

<color=red><size=20>    __!warning!__                                you have been reported to gamevial for breaking the rules. continuing your actions will result in a ban from fly like a bird 3 for -1000 hours. thank you   <size=7>  this is an automatic messege by gamevial™  for further help go to</size=7></size=20></color=red>

Wait I wasn't supposed to do that undo. I am sorry, Shen. I didn't see you already made edits after that unknown contributor did. - Dapplefrost022|Wall 14:33, March 10, 2016 (UTC)

its fine :)





On March 27 Nigel went to Hillscape 1 early that morning using the name evil bird . There he got pooed on by a bird named "zoey". Thye got into an argument and kept pooping on each other. Nigel then left for a while. He came back to hill1 later and met someone named "baby swan". baby swan and nigel made friends, and were talking when Zoey came back named "realzoey". Nigel and Zoey were friends now, and someone named mustang kept pooping on them. He then changed his name back to Nigel. Zoey started pooping on people, and killed baby swan. Nigel told her not to and when baby got back she apologized. Then someone named I❤realzoey came on. Nigel said "Wait, theres 2 of you???". Zoey and Zoey talked a bit then Nigel asked her if i❤realzoey was a stalker. She told him she wasn't. i❤realzoey then told everyone that she was from germany. Zoey said she was from Poland, so nigel told them all that he was from Bermuda. baby swan then randomly said "oh no! that big bird with the gun is back!" Nigel asked him what he meant but then he acted like he didn't say it. Zoey then tried to show Nigel how to go into the house, but he was a seagull so he told her to wait there while he went underground. Once he got to the house she asked him how he did it. nigel told her "magic" and she asked "can you show me your magic?". He decided to teach them, and told everyone to go to the hill where he was. While he was showing them i❤realzoey told them her real name was estelle.          

Nigel tried to teach them how to get underground using the hill as seagulls, but it was too hard and after failing for a while he told everyone to be swans and showed them how using the rock on the hill. After this, he asked if anyone wanted to know how to go underground in the island. Baby swan wanted to know how so Nigel told them all the go to Island 5. He taught them how. He then took everyone to Industry5 and taught them the underground glitch there. He told them it was the hardest trick, but Babyswan and i❤realzoey both got under. Zoey then had to leave. Baby swan asked "so there isn't any ground?" Nigel told him "No, we are under the ground!" "in the underworld… o_o" Baby swan then asked "so you can't poo" after he realized that he couldn't. Nigel told him "thats the nice thing, if someones poopin on u, u go under and then they can't!" i❤realzoey then told them "this is magical".          

Nigel then went to cityscape 5 with everyone and started to teach them that trick. he told them "now this look stupid but it works" because to do the trick you have to walk under a power line. Nigel then had to go, so he told everyone to wait there and he would be back.          

When he got back he met i❤realzoey again, but baby swan was gone. While he was asking about where baby swan was ice wolf and a few other people came on. baby swan then came back, and told nigel he got underground but died right after. then someone named "iron hide" told nigel "Nigel, welcome back, ace misses you". Nigel, not knowing what he meant, asked her if ace was back. he then told he to go to Hillscape 5 to ask her about ace there. At hill 5 he asked iron hide and he said he did know ace in real life, and he wass trying to get him back on the game. Nigel asked who she was and She told him "ABC". Nigel then rememberd "Alphababycat" and asked her if that was who she was. it turned out it was. ABC told him not to tell anyone and to just cal her "Ironhide" for now. nigel then realized that Sice wolf was there, but he left before they could say anything. ABC didn't seem to notice this, so nigel asked her "does ice wolf know its u?" He told her he just saw ice leave and that be probably knew who she was now. ABC asked if ice knew gamers, and Nigel told her that Gamerz knew everyone.          

ABC then asked if anyone seemed to miss her, Nigel told her no one really talked about her. ABC said " idk and idc  i will leave this game forever   its the last time I'm on". Nigel then told ABC about levi and how he was like Ace. But abc didn't think it was him. Nigel asked when Ace was coming back, and told her that "everyone still hates him still…..". ABC said "he's here!". Nigel asked where, and she told him undercover. Nigel told her he really wanted to talk to him. ABC then randomly left. after a minute she came back and he asked her where she went. SHe told him "someone phoned me". She then told nigel that ace would be on in 1 hour as a nonage. Nigel asked her to tell him he wanted to talk to him . abc then said "well, i gtg for now. if you see gamerz tel him my revenge wil come soon" and left.         

spam Edit

<color=red>!_warning_!<size=10>you have been reported to game vial for breaking the rules. continuing your action will result in a ban from Fly like a bird 3™ for -1000 hours.  do not continue hacking, spamming or anything els listed under the rules of fly like a bird 3!.  <size=-555>haha</size=-555></size=10></color=red>

<size=20>..............................................................................................................................  <size=-555>haha</size=-555></size=20>

to be added later the banning of gg  Edit

june 30 

just a warning. that gigetygoo guy is a bit of an   __hole. i met him on FLab3 a few weeks ago and he was killing people and being very rude. he was also breaking the rules and seemed oblivious to it.  his other names are blasen and symonjoe i think.  

and no it wasn't a clone. 

just thought you should know.. keep an eye on him.

~Nigel. another one jul2 miasos {| style="max-height:1000000px;word-wrap:break-word;margin:0px;padding:0px;border:0px;outline:0px;border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0px;table-layout:fixed;width:664px;color:rgb(19,24,27);background-position:0px0px;"

Thank you so much nigel you are being a very good sos member! I will definitely take what you said in mind and maybe even kick him out of sos if he keeps it up!

nigel  relpie  i met giggety a few days ago and he said that he had left? idk if he has or not. but he told me he use to be a part of this.

then a5 well. i met him a few days ago and he said he had left the sos and was laughing about it as though it was funny. he now has the name "poltergeist".

mia response  Okay, well that is good that you know that now that you are the leader. I hope he doesn't cause any trouble for the SOS.  

banning users  

august 5 nigel to shan 

is there any way to ban a user on here who breaks the rules.  that idiot gigetygoo  was saying he left the sos and was laughing about it as though it were hilarious.  he's also been killing people and blamed me for nothing    so. if theres any way. please do let me know   ~Nigel 

snarp back a 6 

Don't worry, he's been warned at a high level. Tell him this and if he continues doing this he will be banned forever from the website AND SOS

nigel a7 

he has left. i don't think he will be reading this any time soon. so should i just go ahead n ban him?


plus i caught the ____ cheating on 2 people today. ban him? don't need that c__ coming on the sos website. if he does decide to come back.

he was then banned

later on shan made a poll on augst 9 

Giggetygoo has been killing users, cussing, and laughing about it, Nigel has reported.

Therefore we have banned him permanently. 

Do you agree with this decision?

nigel told her 

just ban him. 

reasons: he has killed people. blamed me for something a clone did cause he was too stupid to tell the difference. cheated on 2 people in one day. his name is just wrong.


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