another argument with disaster over hacking.  she used untouchable hack yet said hackers are horrid people. 

arguing on discord... 

this will be updated, its being saved here incase its deleted from discord.. 

Didn’t ban you

Nigel- Today at 6:57 PM

I wasn't hacking

Disaster- Today at 6:57 PM

I kicked you and muted you.


Nigel- Today at 6:57 PM

it said I was banned for hacking or something o_o

dude I said I was done, and I'm not arguing anymore.

Disaster- Today at 6:58 PM

Didn’t ban you.

Yet you KEPT arguing.

You can’t be done with something and argue still.

Disaster- Today at 7:00 PM

And telling me to “learn to read” when you obviously said you were done but continued, well done.

Nigel- Today at 7:01 PM

can you pls un mute me,

and, I'm not arguing anymore.

I wasn't insulting you or anything

I was just stating my opinion

Disaster- Today at 7:03 PM

So it’s mature to tell someone to learn to read when you clearly were going against yourself?

Nigel- Today at 7:03 PM

I wasn't going against myself

Disaster- Today at 7:03 PM

Yea. You were.

Nigel- Today at 7:03 PM


Disaster- Today at 7:03 PM

You said you were done but then bring it up

Nigel- Today at 7:03 PM

ya cause u kept talking bout it

Disaster- Today at 7:03 PM

Then you said you were done again then argued when it was about to end

Can’t blame me when it was all on you, hon.

Nigel- Today at 7:04 PM

it wasn't all on e


you started it by hacking.

Disaster- Today at 7:04 PM

I’m done talking to you. It’s clear you’re delusional. You can even ask Kouga it wasn’t a hack

It’s an outdated version.

Nigel- Today at 7:05 PM

it looked like untouch hack to me...

im not delusional

Disaster- Today at 7:05 PM

You can’t poop on admins.

Nigel- Today at 7:05 PM

and, I never said I want hackers on the game.

Disaster- Today at 7:05 PM

So they can do their jobs

I’ve never pooped on you, so why are you trying to do it to me?

Yet you argue for them

Nigel- Today at 7:05 PM

oh for fcks sake poopings a part of the game, if your going to go on it play fair

Disaster- Today at 7:06 PM

Yea. It is, no shit, but I was there only to watch over. I don’t hit anyone because I know they can’t hit me.

So why you want to spam kill me is beyond me.

Nigel- Today at 7:06 PM

your immortal anyways, so why do you care if someone poos on you?

I didn't spam kill you?

Disaster- Today at 7:07 PM

Because you’re calling me a hacker

I’m proving you wrong.

Nigel- Today at 7:07 PM

are you retarded? I didn't spam kill you?

Disaster- Today at 7:07 PM

Did I say you did?

Nigel- Today at 7:07 PM


Disaster- Today at 7:07 PM

I said I didn’t know why you wanted to

Nigel- Today at 7:07 PM

I don't want to

Disaster- Today at 7:07 PM

How am I retarded for that?

Nigel- Today at 7:07 PM

because now your making up

Disaster- Today at 7:07 PM

I’m more intelligent than a fucking hypocrite.

Nigel- Today at 7:07 PM

I was not spamming the game

Disaster- Today at 7:07 PM

I’m done with you shit.

I’m out.

Nigel- Today at 7:08 PM

and I'm not a hypocrit

you don't seem to get my point, I wasn't saying that I want yo to keep hackers on flab3. I wasn't saying that at all. i was saying that you shouldn't go saying that all hackers are horrible people who want to make everyone on flab3 leave. some of my friends were immortal so they didn't get killed by bad hackers, not because they were horrible people.

are you retarded. I wasn't hacking. now your being unfair.


rixor- Today at 7:18 PM

Lmao well damn

So Nigel you, in your testimony, weren't hacking.

You think you were banned for trying to kill the admin?

Nigel- Today at 7:37 PM

I wasn't hacking

I pooped on her once as a joke and I thought she was going along with it

we got into an argument about the hacking crap again, cause she was calling all hackers horrible people when their not. she doesn't get that I don't want hackers on the game, I just don't want her to go calling them "horrible" because not all of them are. oh, n I'm pretty sure she herself was using untouchable hack! and she calls me the hypocrite!

with the pooping thing, she told me not to "Crap on her" or something so I pooed on her and told her I literally "Crapped" on her, and she laughed. I thought she was going along with it. ?

rixor- Today at 8:03 PM

Yeah I understand

Damn that's a mess

Good luck I love this drama

Nigel- Today at 8:03 PM


I dont love it. not when people make up reasons to ban me.

rixor- Today at 8:06 PM

They banned you from the game or?

Nigel- Today at 8:06 PM

idk if its a ban or what, but I can't talk to anyone

they "muted" me or something.

rixor- Today at 8:06 PM

From the game or server

Nigel- Today at 8:06 PM

I can go on, I just can't talk to ppl

rixor- Today at 8:06 PM

I hope they're not tyrants

Nigel- Today at 8:06 PM

they r I think 

they've proved it plenty of times.

rixor- Today at 8:06 PM

What if you're the one lying tho

Nigel- Today at 8:07 PM

im not.

rixor- Today at 8:07 PM

I cant know for sure

Nigel- Today at 8:07 PM

I wasn't hacking.

I've never hacked once on that game

Kouga- Today at 8:07 PM

xD but hackers are awful.

the whole lot 

gotta agree with her there

Nigel- Today at 8:08 PM

I'm not even going to listen to you anymore... I know your doing this for attention and to get on my nerves. for a "game owner" you act more like an attention seeking child.

Kouga- Today at 8:08 PM

hacking is seriously addicting. Not satisfying that addiction makes people bitchy.

rixor- Today at 8:08 PM

Hackers ruin the game for everyone, but like, some people just did it for roleplay reasons and nothing malicious so idk

Nigel- Today at 8:08 PM


Kouga- Today at 8:08 PM

Which, then, makes then horrible to handle.

Nigel- Today at 8:08 PM

some ppl were immortal to get away from bad hackers.

Kouga- Today at 8:08 PM

they could have just chosen a different room

Nigel- Today at 8:09 PM

because they got constantly killed


hackers follow.

Kouga- Today at 8:09 PM

nobody's forced to sit in #1

Nigel- Today at 8:09 PM

listen to me

it has happened to me I know from experience, you can't just go to another room. track hack would let you find people wherever and whenever you want. you couldn't hide.

angry swan stalked me that way.

rixor- Today at 8:10 PM

You guys are both mods here

Not good to fight in front of everyine

Nigel- Today at 8:10 PM

im not the one calling everyone horrible 

im not the one who said that...


im not the one who makes up reasons to block people from flab3!

im not the one who claims hackers are horrible, yet uses untouchable hack myself! 

Kouga- Today at 8:16 PM

@rixor we ain't fighting.

We are discussing.

And everyone is invited to take part

thus it's public xD

Nigel- Today at 8:17 PM

Kouga, what did disaster mean by "spam kill"

rixor- Today at 8:19 PM

I know you're discussing

Kouga- Today at 8:19 PM

idk. Killing a person consequently multiple times in a row in order to make them leave for good. Or spam attacks with a frequency of 4 per second

Nigel- Today at 8:19 PM

I didn't do that to her....

rixor- Today at 8:19 PM

I'm just saying some of Nigel's comments are a bit harsh, and some of yours seem a tad passive aggressive.

Nigel- Today at 8:19 PM

I wasn't spamming...

or killing..

Kouga- Today at 8:19 PM

haha.. sorry!

Nigel- Today at 8:19 PM

I was telling her my opinion and she muted e


Kouga- Today at 8:19 PM

no intention of being passive-aggro

Nigel- Today at 8:20 PM

I pooed on her once as a joke and I thought she was in on it..

Kouga- Today at 8:20 PM

dude if you told her your opinion like you told it to me, it's no wonder she lost it

Nigel- Today at 8:20 PM

I didn't insult her.

she kept acting like I want to keep hackers on the game when I told her I don't.

I just didn't like that she was saying that hackers or horrid, when she was using untouchable hack herself. 

Kouga- Today at 8:22 PM

there is no such hack

at least it's not used.

Nigel- Today at 8:23 PM

yes there was

you haven't played flab3 for a while have you.....

people used it all the time..... I've seen it myself.. many times..

Kouga- Today at 8:23 PM

there was a bug in the server-script too a while ago

preventing anyone from hitting anything.

Nigel- Today at 8:24 PM

no It was a hack.

no you can fly at a building and you lose like 100000 feathers but don't spin and die.

its a hack.

also no one can poop on you and kill you

you don't spin when your killed

gtg for a bit I be back.

Kouga- Today at 8:25 PM


Nigel- Today at 8:31 PM

back, and, don't sigh. it was a hack and I know it was. I've seen people do it, and people have told me about how they do it.