Nigel: i didnt know you thought that.

Nigel: i didnt even know what i did to make you think that??" 

Nige;: i was just trying to be nice to people and i get this. like im some horrible person who hates everyone

nigel: ace  what was it? that made gamerz think that?" 


nigel: but u said u did?  i used u or something?? how?!??!!

ace: i thought that i did

nigel: im sorry ace...  i never meant to be like that...

ace: you used me by making ice hate me

nigel" i didnt mean it that way.. i wa sjust jelouse

ace  the only third person i acually care about is gone now.....

nigel i fell like crap... im sorry ace.... 

ace  im just goinna have to live through it i guess

nigel i will try n tell him not to hate u and be friends...  im sorry.......

ace its fine but hell never trust me again..

nigel all i want is to be nice.. and have friends... and pople end up saying i did stuff i dont even know i did. 

ace you wony wither too

nigel i will always trust you.. ace

a u said that eirler that u couldnt trust me.

nigel if i didnt, i wouldnt have stopped you form killing urself all those times.. i wouldnt han out with u every dam day.. 

nigel i care about you ace.. 

im sory.. 

you dont need to be ace

nigeli shound thave done that. to you.. and ice... i only cared aobut myself..

what did i do ivy a swan nigel n ace kill for fun

nigel it should be what u want, not me  i was stupid

ace besides.. u have ice under ur wing now.-. 

nigel ya.. but ill never be with him.. or anyhting like that.

nigel he wouldt probebly just end up dissapearing.. :/

ace i actually do love him..... and ya maybe.

u do?

but why...? 

ace i feel abandond now

n im sorry.. its all my fault.

ace its fine.. ive seen better days and so have you. 

ace lets think positive ok?


nigel i just got jeluse and hade a stupid mistake.

im sorry.

thye forgive each other and leave it in the past. 

ice cam on as well. 

they then appoligized after that