2018 already! 

January 1

weird flab3

ft Darkknight, Corne, Blueflame, Sparkle,

January 1 2018
Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 6.09.19 PM

Nigel met dark a city1 where some bird was spamming as usual. they went to city5, where he asked what the spam was about. dark claimed it was a "weird hater", before leaving for a few minutes. when she got back, she claimed she had possibly made a mistake regarding Ace, who had recently returned. Nigel decided it would probably be fine, but dark pointed out that she hadent checked it it was a clone or not. Nigel asked what "Ace" acted like, so she told him he acted like ace. he had apperantly been trying to get back to flab3, and had eventually succeeded by stealing his older brother's pc. he had the name Toxic devil when dark met him.

after discussing ace, Blueflame showed up and wished them all a happy new year, while dark told them about a move called "black panther", which she was looking forward to seeing. she asked Nigel if he had a cinema on the island that he lived on, so he told her that they did, claiming "its not that tiny!". dark told him the movie would be out in February, so Nigel said he would try and see it when it came out.

Memo can

the memo can.

Cornegem then joined them, but claimed "I'll go" for some reason and left. dark started telling Nigel about some hack that she had created, claiming that it teleported you to the ground without killing you(nice to know..). apparently if you went up very high as an eagle then clicked some button, it would teleport you back to the ground. she also discovered some crazy hack that made your bird do the "Twig animation" but didn't give twigs. she claimed it was super weird but funny as hell at the same time.


Nigel then left for a minute, and when he got back he claimed his wifi was acting up again. dark said that hers was as well, so nigel told her that he swore that FLab3 was cursed. as soon as he had gotten back on flab3, his internet had started acting weird again - as soon as he left flab3, it died for an hour. dark had the same problems. also, if he didn't go on flab3 for days, then the internet fixed itself. dark then changed the subject an claimed that Nazli had shown up again. she had seen her at city1 earlier that day. some bird named "Memo can" showed up, so Nigel asked what on earth his name was supposed to mean. dark started fighting it, after telling Nigel about how annoying Babyhawk had been recently. once it was dead, so Nigel asked what a "memo can' was. Dark guessed "fish can?" while Nigel said "the names on this game...". dark told him that she had seen some bird named "fuq me plz" earlier, while Nigel told her about the "meowing potato" dude. Nigel told her about the time some bird named themselves "f***mehard", and, well, lived up to her name. dark claimed that someone had named themselves "sex with famous"(haha poor him), and told him also that Babyhawk was now trying to be her bf. Nigel was sure the baby hawk already had a gf, but dark claimed that he still followed her around asking, and also asked if she loved famous youtuber. dark told him that she hated hawk now, so Nigel said that he did get annoying sometimes, like Ebony.

Nigel's nest that he had made then died, for he hadn't gotten twigs for it or anything, so dark mourned it, claiming "r.i.p Nigel's nest, died at the age of 5 minutes.." they then chatted about the weird names again, Nigel telling her about Bluecowgomoo, dark calling them "Weirdos". Nigel claimed "meowing potato's still the best"

after that they discussed Pigeonbee's plan to "own" flab3. she had somehow actually got gamevial to reply to her on discord, an was possibly going to be granted ownership of the servers. Nigel hadn't been to pleased with Pigeon possibly owning it, along with Kingslayer, who had claimed that he didn't want the game to be ran by "one of their own". dark on the other hand was over joyed with it, claiming she would "be down on her knees" if Pigeon saved flab3. Nigel claimed "ya.. not me, she's so annoying.." but was cut off when some Noname showed up. while Nigel questioned the no name about its identity, Dark claimed that she lived for flab3. Nigel said he did too, but wasn't too happy with pigeon running it. the no name finally spoke up and told them that she was sparkle, dark and Nigel's friend from before flab3 shut down. they chatted for a bit, dark trying to convince sparkle to not be a no name. she told her "be yourself', so sparkle claimed "I'm nn thats who I am".

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 6.21.48 PM

"can I stay."

corne then

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 6.26.21 PM

"I can't help you"

returned, and asked if he could stay. corne said hi to sparkle, calling her by her name, so Nigel asked how corne knew who sparkle was. Corne didn't answer, only saying "hud", while dark showed them all her float hack(I think thats what its called?). sparkle asked if anyone had seen her Blackwolfghost, so Nigel told her she had been around about a week ago. Corne then told dark that he couldn't make her stand still in the air, for her hack didn't allow her to, so she told him that she knew he couldn't. Nigel said "good to know corne" while dark said "you made my day!". Nigel claimed "he's so helpful" "he deserves an award", and dark agreed, before sarcastically saying "my life is complete thanks to corne" while making a sad face. she then claimed that she wasn't sad, but confused, so Nigel said that he was confused as well. corn stood infront of them in mid air, and started struggling to stay still, so Nigel asked what the heck he was doing. corn started telling dark "make the same codes as on c21" while dark claimed it looked like he was struggling, whatever he was doing. corn continued, claiming "make one freeze, and one unfreeze". dark told him that it didn't make any sense, and claimed that she was lost. Corn claimed "Im talkimg", before he started decending from the sky. Dark said that he was typing, an she was reading it, while Nigel mocked cornes bad spelling. they then called him an 'elevator eagle", and laughed.

Magical elevator eagle.

seeking advice from the magical floating eagle!

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 6.59.37 PM

"he did a thing"

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 7.03.33 PM

I just don't question these things anymore......

dark then said "the legend says that corne still doesn't know what he's doing", before claiming that she felt bad for him for he was trying to help her do a hack. Nigel said "poor corne" to this, while dark said "I feel bad 4 him rlly.." corne flew over to them and started helping darks nest, so she said "well, he did a thing." dark then flew up to sparkle who was on one of the poofight buildings making a nest. sparkle claimed "hello darkness my old friend ._." to greet her. Dark claimed "my neighbor!" before leaving so she could make a new nest beside sparkle's. Nigel left too, so he could do the same, but found that all the scapes were saying "0". when he got back he told dark and sparkle this, so dark told him it happened to her too. while they chatted about how stupid flab3 was, corne started spinning upside-down, so Nigel asked what was wrong with him. dark claimed that he looked like a mushroom.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 7.07.23 PM

corne told Nigel that it was a hack for pc, so he asked what was. corn told him "this" before dying, so Nigel asked "oh, dying? nice to know!". after that they simply took care of their eggs and chicks, and chatted about Sparkles pet ringneck named "chili".

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 7.04.54 PM

city madness

ft Dark, bluebird, mark8, toffy, emma vidal, Loga, Adre, rex, ohnn,

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 7.48.52 PM

that night Nigel met Dark at city 1. she claimed to be staying up late, for it was 1:00am for her. Nigel asked her if she was supposed to be up that late, so she told him that no, she wasn't, she had broken the rules and was hoping that her mom wouldn't find out and get mad. bluebird told them that it was 00:32 where she lived, while Nigel told dark to just pretend that she was asleep. she told him she would, before telling him that she had stood 1 hour to find out some poo hack, but had finally done it. she then asked if it made her a coward, so Nigel told her that it didn't,. Dark said that Pigeon had told her that hackers sucked at fighting, and claimed that it hurt her feelings, so Nigel told her not to listen to Pigeon. while he tried to convince Dark that Pigeon was a liar, he went with Bluebird to kill some eagle named "Emma Vidal" who had been attacking the 3 of them. dark asked "what if its true, what she's saying?" so Nigel told her it wasn't, as long as it wasn't "bad hacking". she asked him if he was mad at her because she hacked, so he told her that he wasn't. dark went on asking if it bothered him, and claimed that she was a bad friend. Nigel told her that she wasn't a bad friend, claiming that he thought hacking could be fun, mentioning ones like twig hack and monsterchick hack. dark told him that she once had a friend that, once she started hacking, she got mad at and no longer had as a friend. meanwhile some bird named loga was trying to tell some other bird named Adres that she loved him, while *#toffy#* looked on.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 7.52.03 PM


Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 8.09.08 PM

dark and nigel then stated criticizing how a Pigeon was taller then him. some bird named Mark8 started attacking everyone, along with another one named Rex. dark started telling Nigel about how she lagged ebony earlier. this had caused him to want to kill himself, and he had eventually rage quit. bluebird asked who they were talking about, so Nigel told her "ebony the child" - "he's soooo annoying" - "him and his stupid stories". rex told Nigel "like your mother", while dark told Nigel that she had seen something creepy. unfortunately Nigel ended up getting killed by mark8 again, and when he came back he yelled "F***ING BIRD S**T!!!!" he then asked her what she had seen, so she told him "you know how overtime you leave the chat says something like "you pulled out", right?" so Nigel said "ya, it says "you pulled out". dark told Nigel "so, I left without doing anything n it said something that ended with hacks", while Nigel criticized the wording of the message.

Rex attacks!

rex then started attacking again, while Nigel asked what the message she saw. she said that "my serve crashed and it said something in the chat that ended with "for hacks" or hacking I don't know, but I know what I saw". Nigel claimed it was weird, while dark told him she would try to get a picture next time. this was the first time it happened to her. she then told him that it felt as though she got banned, so he told her that it was impossible to be banned from the game, even for something like hacking, it just wasn't a part of the game. meanwhile, Loga continued to pursue Adre, while Dark told Nigel that she wouldn't be on tomorrow for she was going to go see her newborn cousin. she started telling him about her 8 cousins, while he chased rex into the sky, for he was still attacking innocent birds. Nigel told her he only had 3 or 4 cousins.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 8.29.11 PM

idk why I like this picture so much :/

Rex attacks 2

some bird named "ohnn ohnn!" started attacking dark, while she told Nigel that Nazli was back together with death again. Nigel had thought that the two had broke up after nazli "broke" death, according to babyhawk. Dark told Nigel that death had texted nazli earlier, and she had shown up. while they chatted about that, Bluebird decided to leave to go sleep. Nigel started attacking Ohnn with the help of some Russian robin. Rex got into the fight, while toffy simply watched. Nigel ended up getting killed by the "Stupid pigeon", and when he got back dark was trying to murder Ohnn. Nigel told her it wasn't worth it for ohnn was imortal - he found it out the hard way. Nigel then got an idea and told Dark to leave for a minute, before lagging the entire server, killing everyone.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.35.27 AM


after a few minutes, everyone started coming back, so Nigel started saying "wb, wb, wb on repeat, wb again, wb for the 100th bird". Fedex was one of them, and she asked dark how she was doing. Ohnn also returned, and continued killing people, so Nigel and dark finally decided to go to city5 to get away.


Annoying the Russian

ft Yuki

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.37.38 AM
Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.39.08 AM

once they were there, dark asked him if she lagged him while she did poo hack, so Nigel, after crashing into like 5 buildings, told her that it didn't. while Nigel insisted that it didn't lag him at all, the same Russian bird(named "юки", which translates to "Yuki" in English, so from nw on I'll call him that.) who had helped kill ohnn showed up. it landed on the building, walked over to Nigel and just stared at him. Nigel said "hi?", calling him a random Russian dude, while dark walked over to see what was going on. she then claimed that she had met him before, so Nigel asked her "does he usually just stare....?". Yuki must have realized that he was, for he turned around and walked away from them, before staring into nothingness again. dark told Nigel that city1 had been full off Russian about 7 hours ago, which was odd for snow1 was usually the "hang out" for them. she had thought that she had seen Yuki with the others. Yuki asked them something in Russian, "ты рyccк й?"("are you a child",). so Nigel asked him to speak English. dark meanwhile sweared at him in Russian to see what the reaction would be, claiming "its fun." Yuki asked them "жапко(gently)", so Nigel again told him that they spoke English and not Russian. he then accidentally pooed on the Russian, so he said sorry before running to hide under dark, for he knew how nasty Russians could become if they took it as an insult. instead he simply walked away from them, and started staring off the edge of the building. dark told him she thought he was paranoid, while Nigel had to leave for a few minute.

when he got back, dark told him "so today Corne asked for the website to play flab3 on pc and he followed me everywhere and he said he would teach me any kind of back I wanted to learn if I told him the site. I said I'm not and he got mad and lagged me a few times!" Nigel laughed, before realizing something and asked how on earth corne even knew she was on a PC, so she told him that she wasn't sure. Yuki asked them "ты pyccкий?("are you English?" ya think..? I mean, I get he's Russian but COME ON!!!!) so Nigel pooed on him again before running away, even though he knew that Yuki wouldn't do anything. Dark said that she had gotten so mad at Corne that she had lagged city1, and killed everyone, but claimed that it wasn't a good idea. Nigel asked what happened, so she told him that it was the first time in 5 months that she hd used lags. she also thought it was annoying that everyone knew the PC lag.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 12.16.21 PM

after discussing the different lags they could use, Nigel went over to Yuki and claimed "he's confused, isn't he", for he was just staring at them. dark said that she wanted to lag him, while he asked "эмммм?(ummm)". dark claimed that she was "so evil", while Nigel decided to kill Yuki and see what happened. Yuki returned, and stood staring at Nigel, so dark said "look at him, while Nigel screamed "SPEAK ENGLISH!!!" dark said "he's looking at me." while Yuki asked "вы pyccкие?(are you English again.....). Nigel told him "i. said. English." but instead only got a blank stare. dark said that she thought he was asking if they knew Russian, claiming "its exactly the opposite", so nigel said "no" to this. "he thinks were weird and he thinks that too about us" "he probably thinks were crazy" "thats cool".

dark then said that it felt like he wasn't a human being, so Nigel said that he was a robin. Yuki said "жаль(its a pitty) while dark asked what "xaxaxaxaxa" meant. Nigel told her that it was the Russian way of laughing, while dark called Yuki a "cyka"(you can figure that one out...). while Nigel told dark all the Russian words that he knew, mainly swear words, Yuki said "что?(what?)" before running away from them(I don't blame him). once he landed back on the building, dark claimed that she wanted to use her poohack on him, but then decided that she was evil enough do actually do it. Nigel said "he's so innocent", while dark claimed "little baby..". "how can you hurt his tiny little face???!! if you do it your not human!" "innocent little Russian". Yuki asked them "я нe пoнимaю(I do not understand)", while dark said "he's like "wtf is going on!!!!!?". he said "я нe знaю английский(I do not know English)" while Nigel yelled "ENGLISH" at him.

after a while, Nigel went and translated a message(about not speaking English) to Russian, so see if he couldn't communicate with Yuki, and Yuki said "ok" to his message. dark pointed out that he might not have an English keyboard, so it would be impossible for him to talk to them.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 12.35.23 PM

after a little while of chatting, and trying to translate Yuki's messages, Nigel and Dark decided to head back to city1. Nigel told Yuki in Russian where they were going, hoping he would follow them. once at city1, Nigel claimed "last.....", it was a thing for the first bird to enter a room to yell "FIRST!" and then the second and third had to, well, say second and third. the very last bird to enter would have to say that they were last. Nigel flew over to the nest building, where some bird named "heccogecko" was building his/her nest. Nigel asked that the hell that name was, while dark walked over to toffy, who was still sitting on her nest in the same spot that they left her. he then had to go.

January 2

illuminati - retarded.

ft Cyka, Shell, jax navoa, sparkle, bluebird, russin pigeon, Illuminati, Trap.

jan 2


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 5.06.47 PM

that morning started with a spam war, as usual. some bird named cyka was spamming "sooooo cute" over and over. Nigel spammed "SHUT.UP" in return, but that only made even more birds join in. some bird named "f***" told Nigel that he was a b***, so he asked "and?". he got the reply "and heeeeeeeeee bicg hahahahaha" "I knwo". Nigel, not impressed by his insults, told him to learn to speak English. he realized that his own spelling wasn't very good, so he told him "ok, but don't copy mine tho....". cyka started spamming soooo cute again, while f**** told Nigel that he now loved him. Nigel asked him why, pointing out that he had just been called a b*** a minute ago. f*** started getting killed by a bunch of birds, so he asked Nigel to help him, so Nigel told him no, and simply stood and watched. unfortunately as soon as they were done beating the **** out of f**** they turned to Nigel and started. he tried to get away but was followed by some no name over to one of the garden things, and was killed there. he asked "help? :|" as he died, while it was f***'s turn to laugh.

Serious spam!

cyka then started spamming "soo many cuties but some kill me", so Nigel started spamming shut up again. f*** said that want he wanted was to "love Nigel", and assured him that it wasn't the end of the world, but he was ignored by Nigel for he was planning to lag the city. once he did it, everyone except for a few birds died, Cyka unfortunately being one of the ones who was spared of the lag. Nigel gave up and started spamming "just shut up already.... no one wants to hear about "cuties"....". some bird named Jax Navoa also joined in and started spamming Russian garbage. eventually Nigel gave up, after spamming "JUST ANOTHER DAY IN CITY1....." over and over.

after 10 minute of nonstop spam, Nigel saw that someone named "Rubix cube" had entered, he remembered that Sparkle used to use that name before flab3 died. he asked her if she wanted to go to city5, for now she guy named "shell" had now joined in on the spam, making that 4 birds spamming the chat at once.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 7.55.29 PM
Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 7.57.59 PM

at city5, Nigel said "I don't know what the fck was going on there." Rubix told him that she hated city1, before asking Nigel how he was. he told her he was good, and asked her the same. she told him she was fine, before telling him that she hated it when people spammed the city. Nigel agreed, telling her that there were at least 4 people spamming at once. Rubix said "mercy" to this, while Nigel said "just another day on flab3 :/".

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 7.37.33 PM

Bluebird then joined them, along with some Russian dude. she asked Nigel if he had tried to "Crash" the spammers, so he told her that he had tried lagging them all out. rubix had thought that you couldn't lag spammers for some reason. Bluebird asked Nigel if he was on a pc, so he asked her why she was asking. she said "because you can spam", but he decided not to answer. two birds named Trap_hd and Illuminati then showed up. illuminati started pooping on people, so rubix killed him after swearing at him. after killing him 3 times, Nigel laughed and claimed "we killed the illuminati", once he returned, Rubix claimed "reborn" while Nigel said "confirmed". illuminati told them that the city was his world, but misspelled it as "word". Nigel asked him "and?" while Rubix said "illuminati can't spell". Bluebird decided to go check city1 to see what was going on there, and left, while Nigel continued killing Illuminati.

meanwhile trap sat on Rubix's nest for no reason, while the Russian pigeon watched but then decided to kill him and take over nest duty himself. Nigel told Rubix "lol its sitting on my nest" while Illuminati told them that Trap was his friend. Nigel told him "Well, he's not saving you...", for while illuminati was being killed by Rubix, he was completely ignored by trap. they hadn't even spoken to each other at all. illuminati then told them that he hated trap, so Nigel asked "you just said he's your friend, make up your mind."

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 7.40.01 PM

bluebird then returned and asked if they wanted to go back to city1 and kill the spamming no name, but nigel decided to stay at city5. bluebird decided to go by herself, while Illuminati claimed "he will kill ,ou". Nigel asked ",ou?" "who's that?" and got the reply of "you". he told him "no, you said ,ou" ",ou is not you". Rubix laughed, before calling illuminati retarded. Nigel agreed, before walking over to Trap who had resumed nest duty, and hid under him with Rubix.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 7.46.20 PM

illuminati returned, after having left before, presumably insulted by Rubix's comment about him. Rubix spanked him, so Nigel asked why the **** she did that. she didn't answer, only laughed, while trap asked them "pose stopp ig winter hurt you". Nigel asked what that was supposed to mean, while illuminati asked them "please?". trap told them "stopp it wont hurt yuo" so Nigel asked him "yuo? it?". Rubix claimed it was some paranormal activity shet, claiming she was now scared, while Illuminati told them "let it". trap told them "no she", while Rubix hid under a blanket.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 7.59.02 PM

it just stood on top of me and turned counter clockwise in circles.

trap then changed the subject, and told them that he loved FNAF, so rubix told him that she loved it too. Illuminati told them that he loved "illuminatis", so Nigel told him "We can see." Rubix told him that they were ugly, so Nigel said "illuminati - insulted!". after a long random silence, Trap asked them "tu sowone love fnaf?" so Nigel asked him what "sowone" was supposed to mean. trap told him "fnaf", while standing on him and turning in circles. illuminati left, so Nigel claimed "illuminati - departed", so Rubix said "r.i.p". he then returned, so Nigel said "illuminati - back" while rubix said "reborn again." Nigel then crashed into a building several times by accident, before saying "Nigel - can't fly...". Rubix said "poor little flightless Nigel" while Illuminati told them "Fack you" for some unknown reason. trap asked them not to poo on illuminati, so Nigel walked over to the closest eagle and did just that. he then realized that it was trap and not the other one, so he said "wait, wrong one. I'm so stupid...".

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 8.05.19 PM
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.54.25 AM

Nigel then went over to Rubix's nest, and found that only the chick and egg were there, and no nest. he asked where it was and why it was missing, while trap told them "bag". Nigel asked why he said "bag" for there was no reason so start naming random objects, but didn't get an answer. while he was questioning, blue flame showed up so Nigel greeted her before telling her that the two eagles were weird. illuminati told Nigel that he hated him so much, so Nigel took that as an example and said "see? weird as f___.." trap decided to join in and told them that he liked "blood", while Nigel explained to Blue that the two were the "illuminati". rubix asked the two eagles to leave, having had enough of their nonsense, while Nigel and Blue killed them. trap decided to be a pigeon, but was again attacked by Nigel. Blueflame decided to try and help but ended up killing nine instead, while trap flew away. they ended up chasing the two through the city, and eventually ended up killing them both

Trap chase
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.57.45 AM


Illuminati - red2?

Blueflame, Rubix, red2, ilovenigel

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 12.12.52 PM
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 12.07.35 PM


after killing the two weirdos, Rubix asked Blue how how her new year was so far, so she told her that it was lazy. while they were chatting, Red2 showed up, so Nigel said hi and flew over to him. he saw that Red2 was an eagle, realized something and asked "Wait, he wasn't seriously the illuminati guy??". Nigel questioned Red2, while blue told Rubix about school starting again, claiming that it was boring. Red2 then left, so Nigel asked "the hell..?" and was about to tell Rubix and Blue that he was sure it was the same guy, but stopped when some bird named "I love Nigel" entered. Rubix said "Awww" "I ship it" while Nigel simply said "aaaaaaand here we go again." he then walked away claiming "sometimes. I hate this game" while rubix said "aaaw she said hello". Nigel asked if it was a girl or not, so I love Nigel told him "I a he"(yay even the gay guys are after me now..... :[ ). Rubix said "oh its a he." while Nigel asked "your a he?!" Rubix called him gay, while Nigel simply sweared at him. I love Nigel told him "yeas" while Nigel told them he hated flab3. Rubix asked "eheheh your gay?" so I love Nigel claimed "no I'm a girls;)". Nigel asked "you said your a boy? make up your mind", while Blue asked why Nigel hadn't told them about this "relationship". I love Nigel told them "a joke"(wait so it is a boy? sh_t I didn't realize that joke till now fml...). Nigel told them that he wasn't with Ilovenigel, calling him a "thing" and claiming he was simply a stalker. he said "like I always get on this damn game", while Ilovenigel claimed that he was now "illuminati". Ilovenigel then said "is a bis of s....." so Nigel asked what that was supposed to mean. after a long silence, he claimed "I just love Nigel", before getting killed by Rubix and Blueflame. once he was dead, the two asked Nigel to tell them about his next gf, so he told them it wasn't his "gf". Rubix claimed "illuminatilovesyou" while Blue asked "bf?" to only be answered with "no." I love Nigel then left, and came back as "Trap", so Nigel asked who was who. he had claimed to be illuminati, but was now named trap, so that meant that Red2 must be the Illuminati. trap ignored Nigel, and said "hello again", as though he hadn't just been stalking someone, while Red told them "I now her"(this guy had wonderful spelling..). Rubix then had to go, and said good bye to everyone.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 12.27.43 PM
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 12.32.29 PM
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 12.35.40 PM

once she was gone, Blue started killing Trap, who was again going on about how he loved FNAF. Nigel watched, while saying "so red2 is illuminati? didn't know he was that weird." Blue agreed, while red2, now named illuminati, asked "what is red?" obviously trying not to be suspected of being red2. Blue told him "a color" while Nigel said "you, I think?". illuminati asked what red2 was, so Nigel said "you". illuminati told them that red was in city1, so Blue told him "lier lier pants on fire". Nigel told him "Well then, lets check shall we? ;)" and left to go check city1. as he suspected, there were no "reds" in city1, only Fernanfloo and some random no names. he went back and told illuminati that red was not there, and called him an idiot. illuminati decided he would try and trick them, and changed his name to some gibberish and started living up to it, claiming "ey schwalla was geht". Nigel told him to speak English, while blue flame killed him. Trap asked them not to kill him, so Nigel told him "your next". Nigel then had to go.


more wiki nonsense

"unfortunate news"

Pigeon: We have a death date for FLAB3 servers. This is January 15th.

Not all hope is lost, though. I'd greatly help if you joined the discord server if you could.

We have a contact who could possibly release the code as open source, or maybe we can get a new server host.

However, now is a good time to discuss what we will do after FLAB3.


Anani banned again,

Anani started arguing with Dapple after taking over the thread that she made. she had been trying to get people to stop posting random comments on others message walls, for both Pigeon and Anani were doing that, out recently when Frost tried talking to Nigel.

this was the argument:

Nigel: THANK YOU! they're suposed to be for two people to talk, not the whole comunity of the flab3 wiki.

angry joined as usual, now named frost-dapple: "Knock knock (on your head). (who's there?) Nothing but air"

Nigel: that includes this one, swan-angry. 

Dapple: I find it funny that he called me "fat" and "morbidly obese" like everywhere and they don't even know who I really am. At least they got the gay part right.

Nigel: your gay?(no offence!!!)

and, this is angryswan, he calls everyone and everything fat. 

Dapple: yeah I am lesbian lol. I have a girlfriend 

and not surprised. Maybe he's fat himself

Anani: no taking that back :/ 

Dapple: I can read my own comment but I did not talk back to anybody? We are talking about somebody that's permanently banned from the Wikia. 

Anani: ugh, nvm .-.

and no, apparently you cant read

Dapple: To me, it seems like you are trying to tell me off for being rude to someone else even though they're banned. That's why I am saying that we are talking about somebody that's permanently banned and there's nothing wrong with talking back about them?

Anani: no, i was actually making fun of the question nigel asked and your response because i found the entire conversation awkward and hilarious at the same time

and trust me, i take every chance i can to make fun of you ;)

Dapple:That makes more sense. Thanks and sorry for the misunderstanding.

Glad to hear you're the only one getting a kick out of it. 

Nigel: anani just shut up already or your getting banned too, we get enough of your crap on flab3.....

Anani: i thought you cant ban me? if anyone at all here deserves getting banned its dapplefrost. that gives me an idea...ill write a page on why i think we should all kick her out

ngel, i only tolerate you because you're dumb. its sort of adorable actually c:

pigeon hired someone else, it sounds like shes just lazy.. seriously, as if pigeonbee isnt annoying enough! 

dapple: Honey, hiring people isn’t about being lazy. It’s about having a team of staff that is going to work with you. Seriously get a grip and stop trying to say shit that never helps your case. Your pettiness is the entire reason why you’re just continuously getting banned. I don’t know anybody here that likes you as a person, and yet you are like, “Let’s talk about how we can get Dapple banned!” I have legit done absolutely no shit to you until recently because you’re so rude to fucking everyone.

So honestly. Good luck. Every ban is taking a toll on you and even if you think it makes no difference, we don’t get tired. You can either leave my wikia, be a respectable member like everyone else, or continue to get banned

Anani: oh really? you banned me over 6 times when i wasnt even talking to or about you? i get it. no one likes me, but who do they hate more? i never started going after you until i got banned for talking to someone else. for someone who's against getting in someone's business (thats what this page is about?) you sure do a lot of it. i never exactly liked you, even before you got on this wiki but i left you alone on here. i guess owning the wiki turned you into a monster. hiring 3 people to take care of the wiki while you come on here 2 times a month at most isn't lazy? from what ive seen you haven't had any problems deleting stuff i say and my accounts and being a bitch to me and encouraging others to do the same all by yourself. i'm not nearly as bad as i could be, just remember that. i could say things 100 times worse than i do now, and i could insult everyone on this wiki to the point of crying right now. don't mess with me. i'm peaceful naturally but you have really annoyed me! i'm not upset right now, i just think you needed to know that

does this remind you of anyone? ;) /innapropriet picture/

Dapple: See, this is what I mean. You find it incredibly effective to say the “worst” things to someone until it makes them “cry.” You’re already being one of those edgy kids who say, “You haven’t even see me say the worst yet.” It’s just hilarious because you act like your words do harm, but they don’t. It’s just incredibly annoying and all it does is cause a fight. It’s really nothing else but a pot stirrer and that is why all of us continuously ask you to quit.

I don’t recall banning you until you really started pushing me around. There was a time where you talked to everyone here normally and all of a sudden, you just hated me. You also keep making these false accusations of me not doing anything for two months, yet I have been posting comments like every other hour? Seems inconsistent out of you. I really think you could try and find better facts. I’ve technically been an owner of this place ever since Ender got admin here because I used to work with her and then with Kasara because she’s a good friend of mine. Unless you used to be called by something else a year or 4 ago, I have never seen you until last year around here. 

I don’t ban people because of things done to me. I ban because you break the rules that are stated on this wikia. Rules will be enforced and that’s how they work.

Anani: i've stopped for now, and i was talking about last month when you only showed up once, and i hated you because ever since you started coming on here a lot my posts started disappearing and i got banned. was in a group that tried to destroy the wiki like 4 years ago :/

and how exactly did i break the rules so you banned me?

Pigeon: Anani, you're banned for a month. Learn to be polite, and stop randomly disrespecting staff. I will keep  on banning all of your alternate accounts until the 5th of Feburary.

(destroyed the wiki a few years ago? the wasps did that. hmmm....)


cake at stake

ft Hitler, Subway and kfc, Loltastic, Ebony blue, Isko, Alex, Darkknight clones, blue savage, Milly, Nazli,

that morning he had been at snowscape1 harassing some Russians. one of them named "hitler" had his name questioned, to which he simply claimed "yes. heil hitler" before walking away leaving Nigel to question flab3's sanity once again. his name wasn't the only odd one, "loltastic" and "subway and kfc" also made their appearances at snow1.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 3.01.23 PM

he gave up trying to talk to people at snow1, and headed to city1. after killing some Russian eagles, someone named "four" said "its cake at stake", so Nigel asked what that was supposed to mean. four told him that it was from "BFB", so nigel went to look up what that was and found some epilepsy inducing video of random pictures of cake. when he got back, he didn't comment about the "Video" and instead went over to four and said hi to him. four started randomly screeching, so Nigel an some other bird named "isko" simply backed away. isko then got the idea to kill Nigel, and so random unless fighting began! while they fought, four asked if anyone knew what BFB was, so Nigel told him he didn't, and asked what it was. four told him to watch it on Youtube, claiming he would know if he just watched. Nigel asked what BFB stood for, so he told him "battle for bfdi".

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 3.13.19 PM

while Four explained what BFDi was about, some Darknight clone showed up. while Nigel chased down the first clone, another one named "Darkknigth" showed up. the first one landed next to a swan named Stuart, so Nigel asked the swan to move. the clone caught on, and hid under the swan, knowing that Nigel couldn't kill him without murdering the swan as well. the other clone decided to do that for him, attacking the swan to get to both him and the clone, before flying away. Nigel managed to get both of the ringneck's grounded by attacking them repeatedly, and eventually killed them both. another ringneck named Fenix started killing four, while he started naming random objects "donut, taco, fanny, book.." before telling Nigel "its ebony anyways". Nigel hadn't realized this, so he asked "Ebony?" so he told him "yesry doodle". he then started saying random things again, such as "brake at flack" while Nigel fought Fenix, who was still attacking birds.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 3.29.38 PM

Subway and kfc then showed up, so Nigel laughed at his name again, pointing it out to Ebony. Ebony claimed that it looked like a resterant, so Nigel told him that it was, before claiming "someone likes their fast-food". ebony asked if kfc meant kick Frick care, so Nigel told him that it meant Kentucky fried chicken. he then told ebony that subway was a coffee shop, and not Taco Bell like he had thought it was. ebony told him that he thought it was a sandwich shop, so Nigel told him "both maybe?". ebony then got bored, so he started screeching again. Nigel told him to stop, so he told him "but thats what bfb is".

Alex attack

Alex attack

meanwhile some bird named Milly started telling them all that her egg had the safest nest in the whole wide world, so nigle decided to go and check it out. he found it under the lid of on of the garbage cans. the dark clone then showed up again, so ebony told Nigel that it wasn't the real one, claiming that the real one would scream "city5 hiiiiiii". Nigel said "oh, right. I usually saw that ._." while ebony said "but it will go u there also". some ringneck named Alex then started attacking Nigel, after killing Milly and her "Safe nest", but was stoped by someone named Bluesavage. Nigel thanked her for saving him. ebony continued on , claiming "btw why keep going to city5 its like she's bossing you", so Nigel told him it was because they usually liked to hang out there, and city1 was just where they met. Ebony claimed that City5 was "silvers" so Nigel asked who this silver bird was. he told him that silver was a friend, so Nigel told him that he hadn't seen a silver around lately. ebony told him that he didn't think that silver liked anyone going to city5 without her permission, so Nigel told him that City5 was the AV's territory and not hers. Nigel then helped Bluesavage kill Alex again, for he had been stalking Nigel in some trees. Ebony started quoting "its cake at stake" "flake" again, so Nigel told him "stop repeating that for fcks sake".

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 3.49.57 PM
Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 3.51.28 PM

so many feathers! ._.

the two clones then showed up again, one named "dark night" and the other "Nigel" so Nigel started chasing them while ebony played intense music. subway and Milly meanwhile tried to form a plan to kill Alex. Nigel managed to corner one of the clones at one of the bins, and started killing it, so it told him "your not the only one in the world named Nigel". Nigel ignored its comment and continued killing it, claiming "fck off" while he did so, but found it was imortal. he then remembered who else was immortal and had claimed that she was going to be cloning Nigel - Anani. he told her that he knew who she was, but he was ignored. the clone simply made a nest and tried ignoring him, even though she was constantly attacked. Ebony asked If it was Maggie, so Nigel told him that it wasn't, telling him about Anani and who she was. he told ebony that he could tell it was her just by looking at her, while the clone claimed that she wasn't Anani, questioning who that was. Nigel told her "you, idiot" "don't know yourself? even dumber then I thought!" so she laughed and claimed "uh, no I'm not".

he then asked why she had cloned him, if she "Wasn't Anani", for he didn't see any reason for someone else to clone him. she told him "fine, believe whatever you want -_-" before claiming "I'm not a clone, your not the only one in the world named Nigel", obviously trying to come up with some dumb excuse. Nigel told her "no, your cloning me and you know it" "you cloned dark earlier too". she told him that she didn't so Nigel yelled at her calling her a liar, while Ebony simple watched, before claiming "um ._." "daylight savings?". (what the fck?)

he then started spamming "rlrlrrrrrlrlrlrlrlrlrrrrrrrrrrlrlrlr" over and over, before claiming "I'm 8 years old ;) *I* learn things from the internet!" Nigel ignored Ebony's random comments, for the clone had told him that he had started the fight, she hadn't really wanted to kill him. he told her that she was the one who started it by cloning him, but stopped the argument for Nazli had just arrived. he told her that he had thought she had left, while the clone repeated the quote "your not the only Nigel". Nazli told him that she still played. she started attacking Nigel's clone so he told her not to bother, pointing out that it was immortal. ebony told Nazli who he was, before repeating the "cake at stake" quote again, so Nigel once again told him to shut up. he hadn't realized that he had ignored Nazli's question to wether or not he was on a PC, so she tried to get his attention, saying "aloo Nigel". he asked her what she wanted, so she asked "Are you playing on pcccccccc" so he simply ignored her. she eventually got tired of waiting, and told him to tell her or else she would "get on pc and hack him to make him cry".(wait so if she can get on pc, then why tf is she asking?)

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 12.29.36 PM

Ebony decided that he wanted more attention, so he started yelling that he knew how and would tell everyone. Nigel told Ebony to go ahead, for he was sure he was just making it up. instead of telling, he simply spammed "oi oi oi oi oi oi on on.onoi" for no reason, so Nigel simply said "the hell... speak English?". Nazli meanwhile asked Nigel who his clone was, so he told her about Anani. she asked who that was so he told her, and also pointed out that Anani was most likely the same person as Ariana. Nazli claimed "poor her, she can't lag anymore!" while the clone told them that she didn't know who "Ariana" was. nazli said "Ari your wife", so Nigel told her that Ariana was not his wife so Nazli said "she was before". Nigel said that when he had said that she "was" it was simply a joke.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 12.28.39 PM

ebony continued his nonsense, telling them "laptops to try!", while Nazli told Nigel "suuuureeee". Nigel told her to stop going on about the "Ariana wife" thing, while Ebony spammed "look at it". Nigel started killing the clone again, trying to ignore Nazli's "comments". Subway and KFC told Nigel that he/she liked him, so Nazli said "olala" to this.

after more arguing with Nazli, Darkknight showed up and turned out to be the real one for once, so Nigel told her to go to city5, knowing how well she and Nazli got along. once they got there he told dark to go to hill1, not wanting to be followed by ebony or Nazli. once they got there, Nigel told her about Anani, Nazli and Ebony all being at city1 at once. dark told him to lag them if they followed. they then started chatting about how Flab3 only had 12 days left, if what Gamevial had said was true.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 12.39.29 PM

dark then told him about some bird named "0.00 deaths" that she had seen, so he asked her who that was. she told him she wasn't sure, but he had kept annoying her for she had accidentally pooed on him once. he then had named himself "darks*t", whilst trying to lag her. Nigel told her about the two clones, while she claimed that she had poohacked the guy to death. dark said that it was probably because they had nothing better to do, while Nigel told her about ebony being a pest that morning. dark had thought that ebony was gone, for he had "killed himself" after she lagged him, so Nigel told her that he was deffinetly back, and even more annoying then before. Nigel told her about him obsessing over some game he played, and his repeating "Cake at stake".


after that Nigel told Dark about Silver "owning" city5, but she didn't believe this, claiming that anything Ebony said was a lie. Nigel said he was pretty sure it was a lie himself, but was still going to keep an eye out for "silver" incase Ebony was in fact telling the truth.he told her about the time Fighter and Nazli "took over" hill5, making it an official hang out and not letting Nigel go there at all. Nigel had seen someone named Silver around, but dark said that she didn't really care if someone wanted to take over city5.

they eventually decided to go to city5 to see if anyone was there but only found some Russian ringnecks. dark and Nigel managed to kill one of them, and ended up chasing the other one through the city. Dark and the Russian ended up crashing into one of the buildings, so Nigel took the opportunity started killing the ringneck. dark decided to join in, but hit Nigel instead, allowing the ringneck to escape, so they started chasing it yet again. Nigel asked "he's not dead yet?" for he was sure it had died when he attacked it. they eventually managed to kill it in one of the garden things. after that Nigel had to go.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 1.08.24 PM


no names unite!

over fed chick

red2 is definitely weird.



weird city

who is she?

jan 6

this will be finished when I have time  

jan 10

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 8.45.50 AM
Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 8.46.10 AM

met ABC naemed defcon at city1, accidentally killed him after he killed cyka and a ringneck.  he told me who he was so i appologized and told him about AUC's message on the other wiki.   gave him the link n he's going to check it out.    then a nn swan showed up.  angryswan?  it didnt fight back wen i killed it ? abc said to leave it alone. i told it go go away so it did lol. 'ty." then i gtg

there is a lot of "Days" to add here, I'm thinking I'll do that after Flab3's dead(if it dies, lets hope not!), I'll have more time to focus on this then! for now I'll just edit it here and there I guess. when I have time.

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