End of June. Edit

"The new clans" Edit

in late June, Darkknightslayer told Kingslayer, Nigel and ice that 3 new clans had been formed, the ruby clan, the poke clan, and the mange clan. she claimed that the poke clan was lead by some dude named "smartya" but claimed that she called him "dumbya" for he was apperantly an idiot. she claimed she didn't know who the ruby clan or the mange clans leaders were, but told them that someone named "wolf boy" had left the gems and joined the ruby clan.

Icewolf told her that the mange clan was lead by vent, and the deputy was Mariah, and the second deputy was matrix(jeffline). he also asked what the hell a "poke" clan was supposed to be.

dark then told them that yet another clan had been made, the Cake clan. (yes. even I have to say "what the ****" to that one..). she also asked ice who he was, for he was now on his 5th name of that month "purpleguythekiller". ice told her he was the "mighty ice wolf".

Nigel asked what the hell the poke clan was, claiming they were either running out of names, or angry swan was back on flylikeabird 3.


The 12 Edit

the rise of the colony Edit

Vespula the wasp returned, and put this on the Flab3 wiki..

"It may be small now, but our numbers will only grow... after returning to fly like a bird 3, i can finally complete my plans of taking it over! i can't do it alone, however. If you want to join the colony who will soon succeed in ruling over the game, leave your name below. If not, put your name here immediately."






The fighter fan pages Edit

in July, someone one named "Lolol69" joined the Flab3 wiki. Nigel first suspected it was Nazli, for someone had been constantly editing the "flab3 best fighters" page, editing the scores to 0/10, except for Nazli and Digi's scores, which were 10/10. in addition to this, the names were all edited, with curse words being added(similar to what Angry does). Lolol was later found to possibly be angry swan, and not Nazli, nazli had been a fandom user, and Angryswan had tried to join with the same name(Lolol) on the Aerial volts site.

Angryswan also revealed he was really vespula all along, with this.. crap,

"The rise of the Colony"

It may be small now, but our numbers will only grow... after returning to fly like a bird 3, i can finally complete my plans of taking it over! i can't do it alone, however. If you want to join the colony who will soon succeed in ruling over the game, leave your name below. If not, put your name here immediately.

Nigles answer:





Nigel decided to ask who Lolol really was but only got "your mom" as a reply.

their conversation. :

are you nazli?


-I don't know him but Im not your fan.


nazli is a girl, and, do i even know you from fly like a bird 3?


Maybe (;


are you angryswan. he had the name "lololol" on another site.....? 


- idk ;)



Someone named "HERO OF FLAB3" then joined, and made a page(forgot the title) and claimed :I will restore this wiki to it's former glory! Do not worry, Brave citizen."

Nigel told him "if your going try to do what I think your going to do. rethink it. right now. e_e. "


In early august, the two started making pages about Digi and Fighter, Nazli adding how much she liked them, and Angry editing them to how much he hated them. Nigel kept deleting the pages, but they would be recreated over and over.

Someone with th name "gamerzXD then joined, and added the page "fighter is useful"(to go against the page "fighter is useless), and got into an argument with Nigel and Snowygirl, someone who had joined the wiki recently. Nigel was trying to find out wether it was really Gamers or not.

There conversation:

stop. making. useless. pages.

this wiki is about flylikeabird3 the game, not about how much people like each other

you can make one page, titled fighter, and thats it. not 3 different pages.


and, gamers? this isn't seriously you who made this page is it..? o.o


-_- when did i say i liked fighter? i ain't gay for the millionth time bitch (not that being gay is a bad thing, just had enough of ppl calling me gay), im just defending a friend of mine, and i consider him more of a 'bro'. weren't you the one who made the 'Fighter is useless' page? i thought it wasn't about how much ppl 'like each other' ;) hypocrite, and dont flab players fall into the 'flylikeabird3' category? and yeah, i am gamerz.


I did not make this page, or any of the other "fighter" fan pages. infact Im trying to delete these useless pages.

and, don't go calling me a bitch, gamers. e.e

and, yes flab3 players do fall into the flab3 category, but as I said before, 1 page is enough, and not 10 others.


so does this mean i can make a gamerz and nazli page too?  


Lol stfu snowybitch , u already made a page about me lil slut .


nigel bitch, i can call you what i want ;), we'll settle this on flab 3 anyway, and snowygirl1 stfu, you look like a 12 year old, go play with barbie or something. ;) go ahead, make a page about me if you want, its not like anyone's gonna believe your pathetic bullshit. i don't even fucking know you, kys kid.



August 12 Edit

after a few short weeks of peace, crackhead decided to return.

"Flab3 horror stories" Edit

by, well.. ya can guess who.

this was on the Flab3 wiki this morning.

"It's that time again! It's scary story time. Lock your windows. Turn off your lights. Ghosts abound from every corner! *THUNDER CRASHES* .....It was a day like any other. I remember it as if it was yesterday. When suddenly... Oh no! A call of distress! I jumped into action. I went off to hill5 in search when..It emerged. It was none other than Legin The GullSee and his evil partner SlayerKing! I knew just what i had to do! I fought that GullSee to the ground, and then..(the following is so scary that even i was startled) SlayerKing revealed his weapon! The large pickle-like appendage that lie dormant in his underwear..Until now. He spun it around, propelling himself into the air with his massive genitals. I knew just what i had to do! I got out my giant scissors.. *CHOP* blood spill forth as he shrieks and dies, flopping on the ground like a fish. I smacked legin back into the foul depths. The day was saved. Fans cheered. From that day..i was known as.. THE PEE-PEE CHOPPER!"

Nigel's answer: *claps* bravo, angryswan. you should wright a book. e_e

now, please get off the drugs your taking. :|

oh, n was there someone on flab3 named Nigel? cause I'm not on flab3 right now???


he added another one, but it was inappropriate.


"the mystery of Nigel" Edit

... do I have to f**ing explain this.

Almost everyone knows him: The spastic seagull from hill5. But what do we really know about him? His darkest secrets will now be REVEALED. This mysterious figure is known to most as "Nigel the Seegul" But it goes much further back. Among his first names was Lord Shen. He claims to have played fly like a bird from the day it came out. Suspicious! Creepy! What if it was nigel who made the game? Onto the first idea. 

THEORY #1. : He's a wizard He's a wizard. There are many reasons to believe nigel is a wizard. He appears to lose power and is easier to kill when he is not in hill5, suggesting that hill5 is a magical portal. As for his extremely fast typing, a speed spell was placed on his keyboard. 

THEORY #2. : Failed science expiriment.

Nigel is quite suspicious, being able to find anyone wherever they may be, and i truly believe that nigel is a failed science expiriment, crafted from the very fabric of evil itself. Just what does this "See"gul intend to see? He claims to live on "Bermuda" What's bermuda? A magical land from which the creators of nigel exist. He was likely banished to the world of flylikeabird3, or sent on an evil task.

THEORY #3. : He's just creepy.

"See"gul. He has either developed secret X-ray vision or just likes to stare at people, nigel's presence alone makes even the fearless uneasy. His fast talking, His "GO TO HILL5 RIGHT NOW GO GO GO GO GO" and documenting every single incident in the history of fly like a bird 3. Nigel is quite creepy, and it is best to stay away from this unusual character until we know just what he is. He may be leading you into a trap, everyone knows when a mysterious person begs you to go somewhere it can only mean trouble. His "Go to hill5" possibly means the same thing as "Get in my van so we can drive into the forest". Hill5 is nigel's basement, basically. Who knows what he does to whoever he meets down there? Expiriments on them. Studies their behaviour before abducting them to go back to his home planet. After all, they do seem to disappear after going to hill5 with him. He could be raping his own parents (Does he have any?). His frantic disposition about going to hill5 is disturbing. Just what does nigel "see"? Maybe he's a "see"gul because he can see through you and spot your vagina. Or your penis. Or your mangina. Or your vagenis. He was just as creepy using his name "Felope The Macaw". But nigel must be "see"ing something. No other reason for such a name. It's not a typo. He insists on being called "see"gul. Nigel frequently does this.

Nigel: who r u

Innocent random bird: ??

Nigel: who r u.

Innocent random bird: ...

Nigel: do i know u?!?!?!

Frightened random bird: ????

Nigel: hill5

*At hill5*

Nigel: *pulls out penis*

This is how i suspect most interactions with nigel go when no one is looking. A more fitting name, HornyTheRapegul. Now onto his lies! Nigel is a well known liar. Spreading rumors everywhere he goes. Everyone believes him, which helps the wizard theory because he could have put a spell on everyone. Nigel spreads lies on flylikeabird3, as well as on his wiki page AKA his diary. For these reasons you should not listen to nigel, or as he is better to be known as, Liegel. Nigel's secrets are unknown by all. According to many, his real name is evan. He reacts violently when he is called by it, ripping off his underwear, and waving his gigantic balls around. He shoots lasers out of his penis. Nigel is known for his fear of ghosts, he once believed there was a ghost in his house, killing his birds. At a time, nigel was married to nazli. Nigels secrets, lies, and rumors are all in his wiki page. Just what does this "see"gul intend to hide? and more importantly what evil plot is he planning? Nigel's weakness is being pooed on. This is a normal day with nigel.

*bird poos on nigel*

Nigel: OW HEY!!!!!


Nigel is also gay. He was in love with AceBandit, and searches for him when he leaves. He threatened to quit flylikeabird if ace left, even warning that he would kill himself if ace did. Ace loved nigel too, and at one time they kissed. Icewolf was jealous of this, and secretly hates nigel to this day.

The AV (Autistic Vaginas) clan.

Nigel joined the av, fittingly so because it is the biggest group of idiots on flab3. What if nigel created it? Very suspicious group! Why would nigel feel the need to join a clan? Part of yet another evil plan. Nigel is mind-controlling everyone and making them his slaves! (MORE TO BE ADDED)

His answer:

here's all your answers swan.

intro: my first name was Fasty, you idiot. and, I did not create the game, if I was the one who did that it wouldn't be being taken down you dimwit.

theory one: no I am not a wizard, and you better be f***ing happy about that, because if I was, I would put the torture curse, the dead curse, and every other bad curse on you all at once!!! 

I can type fast just because I can, guess its just a skill :/

theory 2: I'm not the one who can find people wherever the f** they are, if that was true I wouldn't have to search for an hour before meeting people. your the one who's some sorta hack to do that.

Bermuda is where ever it is on a map, look it up its easy. 

theory 3: my "go to hill5 go go go now" is what happens when someone by the name of "angry swan" shows up. 

I write down what happens on flab3, so in 50 years I can be like "I did that? tf? " lol. 

hill5 is not my basement, it is a landscape found of the game Flylikeabird3 that I like to hang out at because I like forests(better then the city) and stuff, and it just became a hang out. 

"see gull" is just a stupid name a came up with because I always spell things with sea is see instead, because as many know I am s*** at spelling. 

its not "Felope", thats the name you came up with, its Felipe, from a movie you idiot. 

outro : I'm the one who lies? no I'm not scared of ghosts. I wasn't marries to nazli. 

its not "ow hey!!!" its "hey stop!!!". 

I dont bark, I'm not a dog

I didn't threaten to leave if ace left, and we were more like best friends in the end.

ace is the one who threatened suicide ._. 

I didn't create the AV aka the PKG, that was kidlat.

I joined the clan because my friends were in it.

Bro Angry wrote some shit story on the flab3 wiki. I deleted it, but i saved the story in case u wanna record it in ur "blog" >King

August 14 Edit


as usual, this was on flab3 wiki this morning.

NOTE FOR KINGSLAYER: CLEAN YOUR ARMPITS YOU PIG. Nigel is a Seegul who lives in hill5. But he definitely did not "see" this one coming. For as long as he has lived, he was told not to go into the basement after midnight. "Why"? he always asked. He was never met with an answer. He decided to go see what it was. He wanted to prove that he could last a night in there. So at 11:00, he went down, with enough food (fried souls) to last him the night. At first, the only thing he noticed was the mold and peeling walls, nothing new for his house. Upon looking up, he noticed the ceiling look hairy. It was not hair, but spiders. He crawled under the old, ghostly looking table to wait until midnight. Midnight was mere minutes away. Equipped with a sense of pride and a bad case of indigestion, he had realized that he ran out of food. He was still hungry. He thought that if he went up and got more, he could be back down by the time midnight strikes. Fatty Nigel the seegul walked towards the door. It slammed shut on its own. He grabbed the handle, trying to open it. It was locked shut. After several minutes of trying to get the door open, the doorknob broke. He hid in the back room, by the heater. He closed the door behind himself, when the light began to flicker, and then shut off. In the complete darkness and silence, he heard something coming from upstairs. It was not like normal footsteps. The scratchy noise got closer. It was coming down the stairs. Into the pitch black basement that nigel was locked in. As the unusually eerie noise came down the stairs, he heard the first door open, a loud, creeky noise filled the room. The door slammed behind it. Nigel hid far back inside the heater room. Then the doorknob started to move. He was paralyzed with fear. He knew this was the end. A tall, long-legged shadowy figure slowly crept into the room. Nigel stayed quiet as possible. The shadow figure turned to him, and pointed it's long, skeleton-like finger directly at him. After several minutes of pointing its disturbingly long finger at him, it lets out a hollow, ghostly scream. This was the last thing nigel heard before he woke up in a dark, seemingly endless hallway, with no end in sight. Nigel turned around to a mirror, and was horrified by what he saw. Although in reality he looked normal, in this mirror his face appeared very much like a corpse, mangled, rotting flesh peeled from his visible bones. He heard a loud slamming noise, and a deep footstep sound. Terrified, he ran as fast as he could down the endless, pitch black hallway, hearing the footsteps grow louder and faster. He looked back to see what was chasing him in the darkness and saw nothing but blackness. Yet the footsteps grew louder and closer with every second. Exhausted, he knew he had to keep running. This hallway was narrow, and appeared endless. The thick stench of death grew heavy in the air. He looked back, catching a glimpse of what it was that was chasing him. A 15 foot tall thin shadow figure, much like the one in the basement. But it was quite different, much taller, quicker, and it was gaining closer as nigel grew weaker. He then saw something: A large, black, menacing looking door. Fueled by fear alone, he gave the last bit of energy he had and ran towards the door as the smell of death and the footsteps grew stronger. He didn't know what was behind this door. He opened it, and what he saw was like nothing he had heard of or seen before. A dark purple cloudy sky, deep, bottomless pits were everywhere. Bones and dead bodies littered the ground. The only noise around were the horrified screams and cries of those who were trapped here. He lied down, still exhausted from running. "you must be new here. Welcome to kingslayer's armpit!" Nigel was awakened by someone who lived here. This person looked to be little more than skin on bones, a walking corpse. "it looks like you're going to be spending the rest of your life here. So get used to the smell". All of eternity seemed like a rather hefty commitment to spend in a place called Kingslayer's Armpit. "there has to be some other way!" Nigel said. "there's only one way out of here. You'll have to go up by that castle, all the way on the other side. Most people don't come back, let alone make it there alive." Nigel began to make his way there, but it was still quite a distance away. Eventually he made his way to a sign: "Forest Of Armpit Hair Ahead". Nigel looked up, and it was a giant forest of hair. The smell burnt his nose. But if he ever wanted to get out of here, he would have to make it through. He stepped foot into the forest. But he was not alone. Leaping down in front of him, were the guards of the forest. Kingslayer's giant armpit lice, they stood high above him. Nigel had no choice but to fight them. He jumped on top of the giant louse, until it gave up and fell to the ground. He had tamed the beast. Riding the giant louse through the forest, he comes to an immediate stop. He had just realized he was lost in the tangles of Kingslayer's pit hair. But then he smelled a distinct smell. He rode the giant louse towards the smell, it got more and more humid as he got closer. He had escaped the forest, and stared upon an immense stretch of water. It was The River Of Kingslayer's Armpit Sweat. How was he to get across it? Determined, nigel plunged into the salty, smelly fluid. He swam as fast as he possibly could. Suddenly, he felt something grab his leg. And then his other leg. Looking down, he saw the scaly, ghostly pale creatures. They were half fish and half demon, permanent residents of Kingslayer's armpit sweat. They drug him deep down, and as nigel was trying to fight them off more appeared. Soon enough he was surrounded by them. He managed to break free of their grip, swimming to the surface with a huge swarm of them chasing behind. The edge of the river was not that far away. More and more of them began to swim up from the depths of kingslayer's armpit sweat. Barely escaping with his life, he crawled onto land. Upon standing up, he saw the canyons and mountainous pimples of Kingslayer's Armpit Acne. And at the very top of the highest mountain, was the great castle. He would have to hike up this giant pimple. A fall from such a height would kill him. He began his journey upwards. But the flies, who continuously circle kingslayer's armpit, were guarding the castle. They nearly carried him off, and nigel had to use his penis like a sword to fend them off. He finally made it to the top. The enormous castle shadowed over him. Who knew just what waited behind these doors? If nigel had any chance of returning, he would have to yet again dive right into danger. As he opened the door, he was amazed by the sight. It was none other than Rigel The Lookgul! Nigel's twin brother, in all his gaudy, blue-beaked glory! "you're a long way from hill5. What are you doing in Kingslayer's armpit?" Nigel had wondered why and how he got here. "This is why you're in Kingslayer's Armpit. It's the land of no return. I rule over this place, keeping the trapped souls who will spend all of eternity serving me." Rigel said. And then nigel asked how he could return. "you will never leave! The last thing anyone needs is an annoying "see"gul! But there may be one way. If i use my powers to send you back to your world, you must serve me!" And so nigel was sent back to his world, a permanent servant to rigel. "SUCK THY ROYAL DICK. THIS INSTANT." And THAT is why we stopped seeing nigel on flylikeabird. He was abducted by kingslayer's armpit and is a slave to his attractive brother Rigel The Lookgul. THE END.

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