December 2

ft Kidlat, Darknightwolf, Kingslayer, Weed, Nazli, Emma, Digi, Tee

nigel met Darknightwolf in the mourning and chatted with him for a little while. he claimed to have been watching the walking dead until 5 min the mourning.
Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 8.31.06 AM
he then met kings layer, kidlat ,kyraa and some others. they were talking about the "av" and kid was asking if nigel was in it. nigel didn't know about it. he then had to go , planing to meat kid later.
Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 8.31.47 AM
Nigel met up with kidlat again at hill5, and he told nigel that the "av", standing for "arial voltz", was just the new name of the PKG.


Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 4.20.33 PM

ater that day he went to snow6 and met Nazli, Weed, Emma, tee and Digital. Nigel was getting kiled by Digi, who claimed to now hate him. Emma showed up and said hi to everyone, she haddnt seen them for a few weeks. Emma then left to go look for the others. Nazli was talking with weed, as usual, and tee was asking if anyone had seen frost. Nigel and Nazli both hadn't seen frost for a few days. Nazli asked Nigel if he liked weed, so nigel told her that he didn't know. weed had left for some reason. Nazli asked where weed was, so nigel told her that he was brb maybe. Weed then came back, so nigel said "told ya so ;)". Weed told Nazli that he had left for his phones wifi had died.

Nazli and weed

Weed hen started pooping on nigel for some reason, so Nigel tried to fight back and accidentally killed nazli instead. when she came back, he apologised to her. Nazli then started commenting on Nigels fast typing, so weed told her it was because he was on a pc. Weed then randomly kissed nazli, so Nazli kissed him back. Both nigel and tee just did the o_o face at the same time. Nigel broke the silence saying "well.. uh.. this just got akward?"so tee said "yea.. a bit.." Weed tried to reason with the two, saying "We kiss all the time in front of others.". tee didn't say anything, so nigel said "no comment". nazli laughed, and then there was a very long silence.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 4.32.59 PM

Weed finally spoke, saying "there weird". Nigel asked "me?" while nazli "took weed by the neck to kiss him better". Weed said "yes, you and the other", and then kissed nazli back holding her sides. Weed then started killing nigel, claiming that he was "Watching" them. Nazli randomly said "i was eating oranges", while weed kept killing nigel. Weed then stopped, and said "i wanna go somewhere~" so nazli said "oh no." Nigel, still mad that weed killed him, said "I'm not watching you. go somewhere else if you wanna do "Stuff". Weed told nigel to be quiet and called him a "little b___ a____", and left. Nigel told nazli "i can't believe you like that guy. When Weed got back, he started lagging the game, so Nigel started spamming the counter code. while the two were spam fighting, Nazli joined in, spamming "i love toy weed" over and over. Nigel then decided to leave, and said "i dotn have time for this, act like a ss holes. both of you. good bye<I>". Nazlia asked "me?" so Nigel said "both of you!" and left.


throughout the next few days he would meet up with kings layer, and discuss stuff.

not done


dec 3rd

Nigel met Kingslayer and dark night wolf at island5. dark night was asking king if he watched the walking dead. Nigel asked king to go to hill5, and once there he asked him why he was hacking his computer. king said "in april i asked damian my friend to hack ur computer for some information". after this they hung out.


ace forgotten pt 2

ft kinglsayer, blackfire.

december 4th

nigel(named "crazy-bird") met with Kingslayer and told him to go to hill5. at hill 5 he asked him why he was hacking his computer, while king asked someone named cocoa to leave. King asked "and?" so nigel, knowing he was hacking to get to someone named fawkes, said "hack his computer not mine!!!!!". Nigel went on saying "i don't care if this guy has files on my computer, cause 1 its not possible and 2 don't hack my computer for them!!!!". King said "its possible through hacking"so Nigel said "i don't care, don't hack my computer for them!". King explained to nigel that they and already taken the files, and wouldn't do it again so nigel said "ok" to this. Nigel then said that he had gotten rid of his old computer back in june, so king asked if he sold it. nigel said no, it had broken down and was in the garbage. he then went on about how he thought someone hacked his computer, claiming that when it died it went all "pixely" and shut off. king said "oh, sorry for your loss heh" so Nigel said "so your saying you hacked it?" King asked whats up for some reason, so Nigel said "i want to know if you shut down my old computer thats whats up!!!!!!!!!!!!" so king told him that he didn't hack it.

after that they talked about angry swan and how he was probably cool girl jess. nigel pointed out that since cool girl had shown up, angry swan as no where to be seen. king agreed with this, claiming it was a good point.

later he met blackfire, named "gayfire_pkg". Nigel and King told her to change it to av, but she didn't want to claiming that it had some "importance" to her. Nigel then warned her not to use a name like "gay fire" for that would make people think that she was angry swan or a clone. king had already been fooled by this, thinking that she was intact the swan. so she changed it back to blackfire.

later, she told nigel about ace, claiming he was in school and had practically forgotten everyone. nigel said "oh, so thats where he is. i was thinking he "killed" himself again.". Blackfire said that ace wouldn't be on anymore, saying: " he's not himself anymore... he dosnt care about us.. or the fact that we ever existed... and he acts now as if I'm just a stranger to him.". She then had to leave, so after she left nigel said to king that he knew ace would just show up again, for this was exactly what he did a year ago.


december 5

ft Dangerous girl

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 6.02.18 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 6.02.06 PM

nigel met dangerous girl, someone he had seen around, at city 2 after finding that city1 was empty, except for someone named "debra". he asked dangerous girl who she was, for he was suspicious of her for she was a swan. she told him she was just dangerous girl, so he asked if she was "someone who he thought she was". she acted like she didn't know what he was talking about.


the "@dmin"

ft Stell, Rachel, Macy, Angryswan
Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 7.24.35 PM

later on that day nigel was hanging out at city5 with some birds named Rachel, Macy and Stella, who were making nest together. someone named "Flab3@dmin" came on, and started claiming to be an admin. Nigel asked him if he was gemerex, for he had used the name before, but @dmin said he wasn't. Admin then started going on about how he was an "admin" so nigel told him he wasn't. admin said "how dare you underestimate me?!" so nigel said "look, if there were admins, ariana, angry swan, polska, they wouldn't exist." Admin started repeating that he was an "Admin" so nigel told him that he wasn't. Meenwhile, Macy Rachel and Stella were all making nests together ignoring Nigel and Admin.



Unhappy stella

unhappy stella

admin then told nigel "nigel, i hereby baninininish you from flab3! leave!". Nigel, realising who this was, said "I've been on this game 7 years, good luck :)." Nigel then asked if he was angry swan, so admin said he was an admin. Rachel started saying "F*__ off" to someone, so nigel asked her is she was talking to him. she said she was talking to Admin, so Nigel told her who is was. Angry started spamming "I'm an @dmin, do as i say or i will banininininininsh you!". Nigel told angry to try, so he said "no". Rachel told Angry "you can't do that b.c. you did not make this game!" so Angry told her "i did too!!!!!!!!!". Stella asked Angry to come to here, and flew over to him and started trying to kill him. Angry started spamming crap as usual, so nigel asked if anyone wanted to help him kill angry. Angry asked "what are you....." but then realised what nigel meant and yelled "aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!". stella, who had flown over to kill angry, accidentally pooped on nigel instead, so he told her "good one stella.... good one". stella then started pooping on nigel, so he asked her to stop. she told him to go away, so he asked her what she meant, think she was attacking angry and not him. angry meanwhile started spamming "you are now banned from this gaim!". Stella said "f____k......y.o.u" so Angry corrected her saying f___*" while nigel said "uh... ok?". Nigel asked stella why she was mad at him, while Angry claimed to have "banded" her. Stella said "i won't listen to you", and flew away, so Angry told her "listen to me! I'm an @dmin!!!!". Macy finally spoke up and said "hey! don't talk to my friends like that! you can't do crap!" while Nigel left for a minute.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 7.33.27 PM

when he got back, stella was still swearing at Angry, who was saying "See? look!". Rachel then told them all to go to island7, so they all left, leaving nigel with Angry. Nigel said "f__ my life....." and left, not wanting to be with Angry. when Nigel got to island7, Angry was already there, so nigel told Angry to stop following him, and left.


dec 6

ft Angry, nebii, *...* ringnecks, darknightslayer, dark shadow, nightmare foxy, kings layer, Donna, Red.

that mourning nigel had been at city 2 helping a bird named protecter kill 3 ring necks, all named *...*. the ring necks kept killing random birds, so Nigel and Protecter were killing them back. After killing the ring necks, Nigel headed to city3 where he found someone named "angry". Nigel had seen Angry around, he was trying to make nests but kept ending up getting killed. Nigel asked him if he was Anrgryswan, but he proved not to be. Angry told nigel that he spoke russian, and was bad at english. Nigel helped Angry builded a nest, and hung out for a little while, chatted. Someone named "nebii" came on, and tried to kill Angry and Nigel, so Nigel killed nebii constantly until he left.
Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 9.34.39 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 9.35.57 AM
After this, Darknightslayer came on with an eagle named nightmare foxy. Foxy asked who Angry was, so Nigel told him he didn't know and said that he was russian. Angry claimed he was a friend, and said it was nice to meet them all. Dark laughed at this, so Nigel said "well, least its not the swan one". Nightmare foxy then crashed right in front of nigel, so he told him "nice crash". Nebii the pigeon returned, so Nigel kept an eye on him. Dark said "what a nokb" "he didn't even say thank you" for some reason, while Nightmare said "i see you angry". Dark shadow said "so rude." so Nigel asked who was rude. they then all started fighting for no reason, so Nigel decided to leave. just as he was saying goodby to angry, Kingslayer came on, so he told king to go to hill5.
Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 9.37.36 AM
At hill5, they chatted for a little while. King told Nigel that nothing new had happened so far.


Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 3.37.07 PM

Nigel then went to City 1 and hung out with Donna for a little while and chatted. He also was asking someone named "Red", a hacker, who he was. instead of getting an answer, red started pooping on him. red then started speaking in russian, so nigel gave up.


The 24 year old h___

ft f__mehard, Emma, Noname, Coolgirljess, lol, Harrypotter 2, be-linda,

Later that night nigel was at city1 arguing with someone named "f__nehard". she claimed not to know nigel, even though he asked her over and over again. a nonane joined in the argument, criticising FMH when she said she was 24. Nigel asked her "so your a 24 year old asking people to f__ you?". Noname also couldn't believe that she was 24, and told her to get a life, so nigel told him he knew someone who was 34 and still played the game. he claimed "not mentioning names", while donna, who was still there, gave him a glare. After a little while, Emma came on, so nigel and her decided to go to hill5 after nonane was rude to her.

At hill5, FMH followed them, so nigel asked her why she followed them. she said it was because no one wanted to "f__" her, so he told her "yea, cause were not retards!" while Emma told fmh she was sick, some bird named "harry potter 2" entered. Fmh then repeated what she said, claiming that was why she followed, so Nigel told her "well were not." Harry said hi to everyone, so Nigel jokingly asked him if he could use is "magic" to get rid of fmh(he's harry potter get it?). Harry said no for some reason, while Fmh started going on about how she got ___ed real hard the night before. Nigel claimed "well. i tried." while emma started complaining about how everyone hated her. Nigel told that he didn't, while she went on, saying "i just came back and look, i don't even know these people and there rude!". Nigel asked her "her name is f___ me hard. what the crap did you expect, polite language?", while fmh told emma she was annoying. Emma agreed, claiming that it was true, and told fmh "well. b___, i don't even know you, however my first impression is your a pussy". the nonane from city1 finally came on, and started pooping on people for some reason, while fmh started saying "Well, least i can get ___ed!"

Emma then asked Nigel if they could go somewhere else, so he told her to go to island 5. when they got there, F__mehard was already there, so Nigel told her to stop following them. She asked if she could come with them so both emma and nigel said no at the same time. weed then came on, so Nigel decided try getting away from fmh. Emma and Nigel tried going to different places, only to be followed.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 6.10.52 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 6.12.11 PM

at hill3, they ended up getting separated, so Nigel asked a random no name where emma was. Noname didn't know, so he went and looked. he ended up at hill7, where a bird named "lol" told him to leave when he asked if emma had been there. Just as he was about to give up and leave Emma showed up, so he told her to go to hill1 and change her name seen as fmh had lost them. Lol was still yelling at Nigel to "leave" so he told lol "wish granted" just before following emma.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 6.14.26 PM

At hill1, Fmh showed up but was fooled by there changed names and left, so Nigel told emma to act stupid if anyone showed up. Emma, now named Libby, and nigel, now named bob, laughed at fmh being tricked, when someone named free said "hi bob, I'm bill". Nigel said "uh... hi?" so Free told him that he was just joking. Someone named "be-linda" then came on, while a Noname asked Nigel who he was. Free said "looks like the guys fell for it, ha!" while nigel told emma, who had changed back to her normal name, to change her name incase Fmh came back. free then said "I'm kidding" "if you even know who i am, I'm jess". Emma, now named Marinette, asked "cool girl jess?" so Free said yes. Be-linda started speaking some other language, saying "alguem e br?", while Nigel said "cool girl jess......?"so she told him "yes". Noname, who had finally found out it was nigel, said that he was panda, weeds friend. Free said "oh, hi panda! nice to meet you again too! ^_^ how sweet", while nigel said he would be right back

when he got back, Belinda was doing a "o.o" face, so he asked her what she was doing it for. Free said "i won't be here for long. i was kinda just browsing though. i should go right now" and left. Someone then cloned Emma, and started claiming they were a b*** for some reason. The clone then started lagging the game, so nigel decided to leave claiming he would be back later.

ol im a bitchemmaclone emma clone lagge the game


december 7

ft Erick, Nazli, Bravegirl, Merve, B__erick, Angryswan, Gamerz,

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 4.00.28 PM

Nigel hung out with Nazli at city7, she was doing one of the building glitches so Nigel joined in. she was being harassed by someone named "Erick" who kept saying rude things to her. they tried getting away, but he followed them to hill5. Nazli left for a little while, so Erick started saying rude things about her. someone named "bitcherick" came on, and erick claimed to like the name. Nigel pointed out that Erick was saying he liked being called a bitch. Someone named "merve" came on, so Erick told nigel that Merve was his "wife". Someone named "brave girl" came on and asked nigel if he "Wanted a female"(yes.. these are the kinds of birds u get on flab3... sadly..). Nigel told her no, so she left. Someone named "emma hunter" also showed up, so Nigel asked her if she was Angryswan, for he was known for hating Emma. she didn't seem to be, so Nigel deiced that it wasn't the swan.

When Nazli got back, Erick had left for a minute, so they went to island 1. At 1, they hung out for a little while. A no name came on and turned out to be angry swan. he started trolling as usual, after Nigel described his name as being like a "block". Angry claimed he would "knock nigels block off", and then started calling Nazli different names. Erick then found them, so they tried going to snow 7. Gamerz showed up there, and so did a bunch of others. Angry started telling everyone that Erick was good, and used the ^_^ face, so Gamerz asked if he was good too. Angry told him no, so Gamerz and Nigel killed him. Nazli and Nigel tried going to hill1, but were followed by angry again. Nigel got mad and started killing angry, calling him rude names. Some bird named "be-linda" said o.o to this. Nigel then left.



ft Noname, Levi, and kapro, belle
Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 7.08.47 PM
Nigel hung out with a noanme and taught him all the glitches. he met him at snow 3, where nonane showed nigel underground.

After going to all the scape's, Nigel met someone at city 5 who claimed to be Levi. Kapro also came on, named "gorgisuchus" this time. Kapro fro some reason didn't like Levi, and started killing him. Nigel told him to stop, yelling "bad kappy!!". The no name then left, after saying he'd be back.(he was supposedly going to be a robin so he could see nigels swan head trick, but never came back). Levi started talking about how Flab3 seemed to be dead, Nigel agreed, saying not many people had been on lately. He asked if Eren had been on, but Nigel haddnt seen him recently. Nigel then pointed out that Kapro had gone silent,(he often did this before going mad and killing people), so he asked "have the Kapro gone deaf?" "maybe he's a deaf crocodile?". Kapro finally spoke, saying "m-di". Nigel asked what that meant, so Kapro told him it meant "no". Nigle then asked kapro why he killed Levi, but he didn't get an answer.

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 7.26.19 PM
Levi then started saying he didn't know what "!" was doing. Nigel asked him what this meant, so he told him what he said "h!m?" instead of "hmm". Nigel told him that it didn't show in the chat, so levi said "oh well". Nigel then claimed that he was bored, he was stuck underground, not able to come out for if he did kapro would probably kill him. Kapro then said that he was going to go play "pce", and left, claiming he'd be back in a few days. as he left, he said "dhi-jakapro!", so nigel said "dafuc did that meant?" Nigel then accidentally called Levi "ace", for he was tired and got the 2 confused often. Levi then said he had to go.

Meenwhile, Angryswan was lurking around as usual, using the name "i hate wemon!".

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 7.46.07 PM

he then went to Island 7, where someone named Belle was fighting with a macaw(his name began with s or something but i forgot cause i was tired..). Nigel killed the macaw for her, and asked why exactly they were killing him. she claimed that it was because the macaw was annoying, and also something about he didn't speak her language(there were a few other birds there but they left).         

it then turned out that Belle was the same Belle nigel had made poltergeist split up with. Nigel told her why he did it, claiming that Polter was a jerk, and told her what polter had done to him and his friends. Belle asked Nigel if he had seen Polter around, but he hadn't. he told her that Polter "went weird", killed a bunch of friends and then left for good. Nigel then left.         

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 7.49.17 PM


December 7.

Nigel emt King and Darknight at cityscape 1, and chatted with them. King for some reason didn't think it was rely nigel. so hill5 they went

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 11.08.35 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 11.08.08 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 11.06.49 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 10.59.39 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 10.58.50 AM

wait  ok       they did??? who????nigel   i sent white to find out.     i wasnt even on?nigel  whn did this happennigel   someone cloned ur ip adress  ...?  so i thought it was u but it wasnt    what do u meannigel  comeone cloned u perfectlyking   what did they donigl   they talked like u and had the same ip.  where did this happedn and where?nigel   everywhereking   when.nigel   when  today?nigel   u said nothing     whenre did u see then clone and what did it saynigel   i said it bro  said what?   it didnt show?!nigel  dark is here..   smells like popcorndark  byedark     at one o clock my time.king   what did it saynigel it said it ws uking it said ...king    ???   what scap was it in.  hiiii!! king !!! its meking  :/ u sure it wasnt me?nigel     vro we hcked thta guy   i dont rmember my memory is crap    if it was u.. u wouldnt be hereking ok     why  we hacked him, hes done.king     ooh ok nigel         


do you wanna nest on a snowman?

ft weird swans, Nigthfurygirl, I want friends, jv_634 and a random no name.

december 7!

First Nigel went to Hillscape 6, and he got this. I'm not saying any more.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 3.44.06 PM

then, off to snow6, and got this.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 3.51.34 PM

after that.. experience.. Nigel(named eagle dude) went to snow 7 and met 2 birds named "i wanna friend" and "nightfurygirl". Nightfurygirl had made a super chick, so Nigel started joking about it as usual. Nigel got an idea, and made a nest on top of Nightfury's nest. He tricked her into thinking that her chick had layd an egg. After Nigel's egg hatched and grew up, he left the adult eagle in the nest and named it "bob". he then started using a chat trick and made it seem like "bob" was talking.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 4.42.29 PM

in.. coming.. dead.

He then made a nest on the snowman's hand, and claimed it was "holding" the nest for him. After this, Nigel died accidentally, and when he came back, the snowman was invisible! So, he went inside it and asked Nightfury girl to come over. she asked him how he did it, so he said it was magic. he then started saying he was a "talking snowman" but accidentally said "Anowman",s so he covered up saying his name was "Anow, the talking snowman". He then said "a'now, i will start to talk".

After Chatting for a little bit, a Noname and a Ringneck came on. The ringneck started flying towards nigel, so he said "i know how this will end", and as soon as the ringneck reached him, it pooped on him, killing his last life.


bob then suffered a very unfortunate fate: stepped on.

2016 - december
Who&#039;s that?
Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 4.02.23 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 4.37.59 PM
A chick in my shoulders, and a nest on my head.

a chick on my shoulders, and a nest on my head.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 4.37.13 PM





December 8th

ft gamerz, Golden, Ahtog, Levi

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 12.30.22 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 12.32.41 PM

Nigel met Gamers and golden at city1, so ray decided to go to hill5 to hang out. Someone started following them, so they went to various placed to get away. someone named "ahctog" was the one following them. AT hill2, ahtog started bothering them, lagging the game and what not. Ahtog ended up killing everyone else with lag, so Nigel went to look for everyone.  

At Island 3, Nigel asked some random birds, mistaking them for Gamerz and Golden, "why the f did you leave me!!!!!!!!!", but he then realised that it wasn't them, so he left. He went back to hill2, and asked ahtog where they went, so ahtog told hi that he ate them. someone started pooing on Nigel, while ahtog said "there in my belly". Nigel said "go to hell you piece of crap", and left.  
I thought this was angry cause f the name but then i remembered yesterday

i thought it was angry but it wasn't i remembered yesterday. this was at city 2

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 12.37.47 PM

Nigel then went to city 3, and saw someone named "aeschylus", and thought it was either angry or a wasp, but then rememberd the other day. he told him to go to hill5, and asked him who he was. it turned out it was levi, so Nigel hung out with him for a bit. Levi then stopped talking, so Nigel asked him if he was dead. After trying to get an answer, Levi finally did, but then left. Nigel was suspicious, for Angryswan had tricked him before, using names of birds who had quit.      


The pro cloner/ Golden got to pee

ft Kingslayer, Golden, Gamerz, Frost,

i went on this morning, and i got this....

dec 10th

Nigel went on with the name "evilbird" and met King and Golden at hil4. They knew who he was before he even told them, so he asked them how they knew. King said he "knew things" so Golden and Nigel asked what things. King said he wasn't going to tell them, and told Nigel that he had a clone at city1 using the name Lord shen.  
Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 9.54.36 AM

hi.. random bird.

King an Nigel went to hill5 for a minute.At hill5 he asked king who the hell was cloning him, so he told him it might be ariana. Nigel asked if it was using fancy letters, while king told him they were keeping an eye on the "pro cloner". Nigel told him he thought the "pro cloner" was Ryuik, but king didn't think it was, claiming that he was sure it wasn't her. Nigel pointed out that she stole everyones names, so king told him that she didn't have everyones names. King then told Nigel that she only stalked people, and posted names around places, so Nigel told him "she has everyones fancy names you know." King told Nigel "she don't have everyone's names nigel" so he said "well, a lot." King then told Nigel to stop talking about it, for someone named "random person" had come on. Nigel asked who it was, so king asked "gamers?". Random said he was Gamerz, and claimed he was lagging. Gamerz then said that there were soon going to be no lags, so king said "if you wanna think that way ok."  
Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 10.00.41 AM
Nigel and King then headed back to hill4, where Golden told them that he had to go. King and Nigel said bye to him, but he decided to wait until Gamerz got back. golden then started going on about how he had to "pee", so King told him he was trying not to laugh. Nigel, not pleased with this, said "i needed to know that.", while Golden went on saying "I'm trying to hold it". He then told King that he could laugh, so King started spamming "hahahahahaha" over and over, then he finally stopped saying "ok I'm done".  
Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 10.02.59 AM
gamers then got back, so Golden told him what he needed to do. Nigel spammed "ha. ha. very funny" in big text, while golden said good by to everyone else. Nigel then spammed gibberish, for Golden was still going on about pee, so King asked him what the hell that was for. Nigel told them to stop talking about pee, while Golden said "cya cya cya oowww pee pressure". King asked Golden why he was still with them, for he was as posed to have left by now, so Nigel agreed saying "ya rlly". Golden said he wasn't sure, while Nigel said he didn't feel like discussing pee this morning. Frost then came on, so they all said hi to her. Nigel went on saying "i get enough of that crap from angry swan", so King said "ya, he's tough on you." Nigel then decide to leave, claiming he had to eat breakfast.  

When he got back, they started criticising game vial as usual, complaining how you could use some swear words but not others, and now other words were blocked when they weren't really bad. Nigel listen all the words you could say, while king said the bad ones.  

Rude birds


Jag n Bag

ft Jag, Bag, Golden

Nigel (named crazy bird)went to hills cape 5 where he meant two birds named "jag an bag". He asked "what the crap is this...?", for they were both saying weird things. Nigel then asked what they were doing, so Jag started killing him.

2016 - december-0

who are you?

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 4.24.03 PM

am i annoying you yet? ^_^

When Nigel got back, he asked Jag to stop it and told him who he was.(bag had left and never returned). Jag said "just cause your nigel means i will stop?". He told jag that he thought he knew him, so jag said "you said what the crap is this, you better apologise!". Nigel told him he was sorry, so jag told him to repeat it for good measure. after repeating it, jag asked nigel who he was, so he told him again. Jag told nigel he didn't care, and started laughing, so nigel told him "well.. you asked.." Jag told nigel he was just joking, and said "don't get your panties in a knot". He then laughed at nigel for he had crashed into a tree, and asked if he was annoying yet, doing the ^_^ face. Nigel decided he seemed suspicious, so he asked him if he was "the swan". Jag, who was asking him if he was crying, asked him if he was talking about angry swan, so he told hi yes. Jag asked nigel what he knew about Angry, so Nigel told him he knew angry was a troll and acted kind of like how jag himself was acting. jag asked if there was anything else, like his age, and where he lived, so Nigel told him he didn't. Jag then said that there were a lot of trolls on Flab3, naming them all. Nigel said "and there probably all related or something". Nigel then told jag that he knew everyone on Flab3, while Jag said that he knew where Ariana and Polska lived, america and Russia.

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 4.27.23 PM

Someone named "Alien wings" then came on, and claimed to be fighter. Alien and Jag then started talking about their email and kik, Jag asking Alien to send him his email. After this, Alien left, so Jag asked nigel who he was again. Nigel told him, so Jag said it didn't matter and stated laughing as though it were hilarious. Alien had come back, and asked what happened, so Nigel told him jag was weird. Jag said "my lips are salty" for some reason, while Alien told Nigel that he knew Jag very well. Jag then started asking Alien inappropriate things, and called him "henry" at one point. Nigel caught on to this, and asked Alien if he was really Golden fist, so He admitted he was. Jag, who had also been fooled by Golden, said "oh.. so your not". Golden told Nigel that jag was fighter, so nigel, getting confused, decided to leave.


arguing with the weed.

ft Weed, Nazli, Emma, clone of nigel

Nigel went to City 7 and found weed and nazli there. Weed started pooping on nigel, so Nigel asked him not to. Weed kept doing this, so Nigel pooped on him back, while nazli asked them to stop. they then got into an argument, Nigle told weed if he wanted him to leave, then ask nicely, but weed didn't seem to listen.

after this, Nigel and weed argued for most of the evening, weed claiming that Nigel lied about a number of things. Nigel asked Nazli how she could like weed, and she said she just liked him. Nigel pointed out to her that he had been with ariana, and he had also gone around claiming everyone else but himself was stupid, but nazli said she didn't care.the only thing she seemed to care about was the fact weed was friends with ariana, for she cloned Nazli once. Weed said Ariana was ok, as though he didn't know what she had done even though he did. Nazli decided to like Ariana too, just cause weed did.

Weed then ended up leaving and naming himself "nigel = bitch" so nigel asked him if he was that desperate to make him leave. Weed said that his name meant the truth, so nigel said that he was just getting upset like an angry 5 year old. Nigel also mocked weed , telling him that he was acting like angry swan and saying "i never thought i would find someone as dumb as that that i could actually compare with him". Weed and Nazli both acted like they liked Angryswan, and weed also said that angry was a girl(i have proof that angry said he was a boy btw). Weed then started talking about how Nigel hated ariana cause she dumped him, claiming nigel was "butthurt", making it seem like nigel was all upset about it trying make him look stupid. Nigel pointed out again that weed was the one who actually had a thing with Ariana, concerning Nazli.

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 6.26.07 PM

Emma then came on, so Nigel and her decided to go to island after a clone of Nigel(it came on earlier when nigel was with weed, but he was a nonane so it didn't realise it was him) came on and started saying rude things and lagging the game. it followed them to island 5 where there were 2 no names who seemed to know nigel. weed also followed as a no name and started trying to kill nigel. Nigel and Emma went back to city 7 where he told Nazli what weed was doing. She said she didn't care, so nigel called her a b___ and left to hill5 with Emma. At hill5, the clone followed yet again, even though they had changed there names to Angelo and Stella. it refused to leave, claiming it knew who they were. The clone started trying to trick then, pretending to depart and what not. It then start killing nigel, and when he fought back it lagged the game. Nigel told the clone to go away, and called it a 2 year old, but it refused to. Nigel asked why it wouldn't go, but it wouldn't say. the clone then left(dafuc..) but came back. Emma decided to leave, so the clone started saying things like "emma is the dumbest person iv ever seen" and "she's annoying to me.. idk why". Nigel told the clone "then don't follow her maybe? :)???!!!". He then asked the clone who it was, suspecting it might be ryuik for weed often called her to "get rid of nigel". but the clone wouldn't answer, so nigel told it to go f__ itself and left.

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 6.47.06 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 6.47.32 PM

nigel then went to snow  4 where there were some birds named amy rose, merve, sonicthehedgehog and shadow.   someone named "i hate you all!" came on, and said "you all must die!!!!". Nigel killed him before he could do anything, saving everyone else.  but after i hate you all died,  everyone else started fighting, and ended up killing everyone. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 6.47.20 PM

A joke to far

ft Le Bemuter, Kyraa, Emma, Weed, Angryswan, Nazli

Emma decided to do a joke on nigel, but goes a bit too far with it.
Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 6.53.55 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 6.52.51 PM

Nigel went to industry 3 that night and met 2 birds named Kyraa and Le Bemuter. He was asking le bemuter if he knew him, but he didn't seem to. Le be muter then stated poo fighting with Kyraa, while Nigel asked who he was. He finally told Nigel he was Kyraa's brother. Kyraa then started saying "fireworkssss" for some reason. Emma then came on, so Nigel told her to go to hill5.

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 6.56.40 PM

nigel emma and merve

At Hillscape 5, some no name followed emma and Nigel. Nigel asked who it was, so no name said he was Merve. Emma said "nice to meet you, I'm emma!" so nigel said "no.. i thought you were bob?". Emma then told Nigle she was sorry for leaving earlier, claiming she was confused. so nigel told her it was fine, and told her which Nigel was the clone. Merve asked how old Emma and Nigel were, but were ignored, for Nigel was telling Emma about what Ariana had done with him. He told her that now Weed was using this to make him seem like he was hurting ariana in some way, when really ariana was at fault. Emma said she found it funny, for ariana was such a hater, so nigel told her ariana did it to hurt him, and not cause she liked him. someone named Funny showed up and started trying to kill nigel, while Emma said it was such an old trick, what ariana did. Funny said "yey yor a live!" for some reason. Emma said that she didn't like weed, saying he was a jerk for he pooped on her the first time she met him. Nigel told her how he once went around claiming that everyone but himself was stupid. Merve, for some reason, disagreed with them, saying that weed was good. Nigeltold Merve that Weed as an arrogant __hole, so weed said "okk loll" and left along with Funny.

Emma then started telling nigel that she had a friend who really liked him,so he asked her who it was. She told him that she was usually a no name, but her real name was scarlett. Emma said that Scarlett had talked to Nigel before, and Nigel did remember someone who used the name scarlett like a year ago(i remember, she was often a crow and hung out at city1) but he haddnt really talked much. Emma told Nigel that Scarlett would be back, in like a week*. Nigel then told her that he was eating chocolate, so Emma said she loved chocolate too. Emma asked Nigel if he liked her, being scarlett, so he told her that he had dent really met her yet. Emma said that Scarlett had said if Nigel already had a girl in his life, that she didn't mind, so nigel said that he used to be with spring trap, but was more friends then mates. Scarlett had said she would get over it if he did, but nigel didn't, claiming he didn't "love" anyone for he couldn't really trust anyone on the game, pointing out that they always just dumped him or hated him or made it into a joke. Emma said that scarlett said it didn't have to be deep love, while Nigle went on saying that 2 mates left him and the others dumped him for fun. Nigel then told Emma that he'd like to meet Scarlett, so Emma seemed to be happy about this. Nigel asked when she would be on, so Emma said around 6 or 7. Nigel told her it was 7:14 where he was, while for emma it was 11:00. emma then said she would tell Scarlett what scape they were at so he could meet her****(see above where the * is???????you'll understand.) Emma then got upset, for she forgot she had an essay to do, so Nigel said he would meet would wait at island 5, where scarlett said she would be.

At island 5, Scarlett showed up and got excited, saying that her friend emma had told her nigel would be there. Nigel said Emma had told him about her, so Scarlett said she thought emma would forget. Nigel said "Well, she didn't",and then said "anyways, nice to meet you". Scarlett asked him if he remembered her, so he said he had met her before. Scarlett told nigel that she really liked him, even if it seemed a bit weird, so Nigel told her it wasn't weird at all, and was about to tell her that he liked her to, but she left. Nigel waited for a bit, then someone named "emma12" came on. He told her, thinking this was emma, that scarlett left, so Emma 12 said "who are you?" Nigel said never mind, and Emma12 left. Emma then came on, so he told her that scarlett left. Emma revealed that scarlett was actually her, and she was just pranking nigel. Nigel, horrified that Emma would do this, knowing her, told her it wasn't funny, while emma laughed saying she was such a bad liar. While emma kept laughing for nigel fell for it, Nigel told her to f___ off. Emma said "fine then!" and left.

Nigel found Emma at island7, but she left yelling at nigel to go away. He then went to island 6, where she said go away again and left. at island 3, nigel told her to wait, an said he overreacted, so she said he did, and left. Emma then came back, and said she didn't care any more, while nigel told her that he thought someone actually liked him for once. Emma told him "yea, well it was a joke, and you tell me to f off" so Nigel told her that he was sorry, but the joke wasn't at all funny to him. he asked emma, who said she was shocked, "i thought someone actually liked me.. do you like hurting people for fun?" Emma said she obviously didn't, so Nigel told her that she did hurt him. Emma asked how she was supposed to know, so he told her she should know that that wasn't a funny kind of joke. Emma said that she thought nigel was the type to take a joke like that, so Nigel told her "not that kind of joke!!!!!". Emma said that saying "f off" wasn't cool either, so Nigel told her "emma, I'm yor friend, you shouldn't go tricking people and getting there hopes up when they are your friend!" Emma said "I'm sorry for the joke.. ok happy?" and left.

At hill3, Nigel asked emma if they could stop arguing, so she asked him "Can i not just have peace??". Nigel said he was sorry, so emma said "were not." "i just don't want to talk to you". Emma then told him "look, I'm sorry for getting your hopes up high, ok?" while Nigel said "for once i thought someone actually liked me.  but as usual it was just for fun..". Emma said she was sorry, for she didn't know it would do that, so nigel said that she should know that kind of thing wasn't good to do. Nigel then told her that a lot of people had done that do him for fun. Emma then said she had to go, and left.

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 7.38.18 PM

Nigel went to hill2, where he found weed, Nazli and Angryswan, who was using the name "nigelthepee(g)Ull". Weed started pooing on nigel, so he told weed to go after Angryswan and not him. Weed and Nazli seemed to want Angry there, acting as though he was there friend now. Nigel decided to leave.

nigel and le Bemuter not done at all
Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 8.23.57 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 8.44.32 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 8.33.23 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 8.38.59 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 8.26.40 PM

n6 with lebemuter   how u got in there was a robin?!?!  u want to see? yes!!nigel  herele  le doed trick  u knwo who i am dont ule   how did u do it?nigel  and no?nigel  answeer the quesion firstle didnt u come to h3 when i was with henry    what.. u did?    well.. i dotn remembernigel  nd i asked ule  who u werele   i ws jag n he was abg  ooh   ur fighternigel  ur fighter.  ooh lol  u didnt see this anme lolle     how do u do this tricknigel   how?? i showed u.  it not workingnigel    practicle  from here  wait  r u tricking me?!nigel     what ;Ole   from here u go like thia le   iv already been trick once tonight i dotn feel like it again.nigel  when and who and whattttle    emma the ***. she tricked me into thinking she wanted me to be her mate then dumped me for funnigel loooooooooolfighter   its not funny.nigel   that emma who came when i ws with kyraa?    ur fault for being naive.le   she made me think she actually liked me,  nigel    she's a good friend. i thought i could trust her.nigel    oh u knew her well?le   i kewn her well. i thought!nigel  oh sad.lolle     how did she break up and why?   everyone does that to me.  makes me there mate, then dumps me or leave me for fun!nigel  not for fun....lolle  maybe its u... ever thought of that o;   she even admitted it was all a pranknigel  lool what a bitchle   everyone hates me :/nigel she said is all a prank? then why did she do it?le  yes, she said it was all a big prank and joke.  she set me up   for what?le   for her own fun.nigel  i dont buy itle  whatnigel  i dont belive itle  she didnigel    how old is shele   and this aint the firs time someone's done itnigel   how old is she  like 5?    she said she's 15nigel test her did u?  no?  people lie all the timele     ask her something a 15 r old sould no.   people always lie to menigel  if there all confused make them admit. ur gulible no offencele.   maybe its because ur homescooled  idk  thats probebly whyle  uve been protected by ur parent for to long    how did u know i am.?nigel i know everything lolle   what, u dont tell people u are?le     i was in school, but i was taken out cause everyone was acting like sh*t to me. treated me like sh*tnigel  o u were bullied?le   alot,  people lied to me as usualnigel  bro u gotta toughen uple  u ahve the victen mentality  become the predetorle  people have picked on mele  if i did do something, i would get introuble, i yelled at someone, i gto introuble    but i never let it get to me i walways fight back not with frist because id get beated up b other ways there are other waysle  u just need to have the right atiitudele      i have to go soonigel    /scren shot/   trust me.  i can try..nigel    can i ask u a personal questionle  be right back back  k back  whats the question?nigel  where did u have to gole  power was low on the computer :/nigel    well?le  had to get the power chord thingnigel   anyways  what was ur questionnigel for whatlolle for what answe this first   i needed the chord for the computernigel the pc??le  duh  i only have 2 mins, whats ur questionnigel  where do u have to go thoug   to bed   quesiton isle     do u ahve any disorders or illlnessedle  nothingle   i dont think sonigel    1 more question     ok and are u like obese or something  not offence im just curious    ur underweight?   kinda..  idknigel     

not finished     


More arguing with weed.

ft Mei misaki, Kidlat, Kingslayer, Weed, Nazli, Kyraa, Merv, Venum, Jeffline

december 11

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 9.26.01 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 9.25.33 AM

Nigel went to City5 where all of the AV birds were having a meeting. Nigel and Weed strted to fight as usual, when weed pooped on nigel. He refused to stop, even when Kidlat asked him to. Mei was aslso mad at Nigel, for a clone of him had called her a b___ the other day. she realised it was a clone and apologised.

As weed and Nigel fighted, Kidat tried to stop it, saying "still no peace? send out the war hammers!", as a joke. Someone named Im on phone, decided to help Kidlat and King, while Nigel asked if someone could get weed to stop. Nazli said she could, so Nigel told her to do it. She asked weed to hug her, but even that didn't work. After more arguing, Nigel asked if someone could get rid of both weed and nazli. Nazli asked why her, so he said that she was helping weed. Nigel decided to leave for a minute, and when he got back weed was telling them that he pooled on nigel to "maintain peace". Nigel told them that maintaining peace was not done by crapping on people. Im on phone told Nigel that he was really Venum, and then told weed that it was wrong. Nigel finally had enough of all the arguing and left.     

Nigle then went back as "crowbar" and saw that Weed was now fighting with Jeffiline. Nazli was helping, saying jeff was jelouse, trying to make her look stupid. Nigel left, saying "you people are still arguing? what has come to this game!!".     

he then went back as "spirit fox" and saw Matrix was still being bullied by weed and Nazli. Jeff was threatening to lag, while weed started spamming the game. Nigel, sick of all of this, lagged the game killing all of them. he said "well that fixed them :)" and left after weed came back and started spamming "you think you can spam lag? well i can spam .....<i>!!!!!!!!".

the book of lies

ft Weed, Nazli, Moonsong, Angryswan, Emma, Sasuke, The gay lord, OLE, Fake cherie, Rainfall.

Nigel had been at Hill4, arguing with weed for he refused to forgive nigel. He said that Nigel had done things to him long ago, claiming "your years late to apologise". He then said that Nigel was a lier, and had lied for a long time. Nigel said that weed also lied, so Angryswan pointed out that everyone lied and he would make a book of everyones lies. Someone named Moonsong told them to leave Nigel alone, but they wouldn't. Nigel told Angryswan that he was the worst of them all, and named things he had lied about such as cool girl jess, and his fake cousin. Weed said that cool girl was his friend, but for some reason thought it was good what angry had done to her. Angry continued going on about how he would make a book of everyones lies, so Nazli said she wanted to read it. Nigel asked her if she was friends with him, so she said she wasn't and was just joking. Emma then came on, so Nigel went to look for her to talk about what had happened last night.

He found her at city 1, and went to island 5 with her. At island 5, Nigel apologised for over reacting, while someone named "sasuke" complained about how a "pain wouldn't go away". Emma asked what nigel was talking about, so he told her. she told him that she wasn't real, so Nigel told her to go away and left.

Nigel then went to snow7 and found some birds named "the gay lord", "OLE", and "Rainfall". Nigel said "your name o_o?" to Lord, so Lord said "ta da!". OLE said "bleach, don't try me", so Nigel just did an :| face to this. Lord said "i guess I'm too late!" so Ole said "oh my god." rain fall asked what was going on, as Ole started pooping on Lord. Lord said "hi again!", so Ole said "hello indeed -.-". as Gay said "and the fag left the house!", Cherie surprisingly came on. Nigel asked her to save him, claiming that Gay and Ole were weird. Ole said "yea, cause his religious parents kicked hi out eeh oohh", while gay said "yea, boring to be normal". Cherie said "i can fix that."(i now know what she was going to go.. just wait n see e____________e), but nigel asked her to go to in6, so they headed there.

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 6.24.59 PM

not happy cherie

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 6.24.18 PM

happy cherie

At in6, Nigel asked cherie how she was, so she told him she had actually cloned the real cherie. Nigel said "oh, so your not cherie" so fake cherie said "I'm the fake lol". Nigel started killing her, so she lagged the game as usual. nigel continued killing her, and didn't stop when she lagged.

Drug on a mission

ft weed

Nigel found weed at hill4, so he appoligized for being annoying earlier. Weed told him that he couldn't apologise, stating that it was his mission to stop Nigel. Nigel asked him what his mission was, so Weed said he did it because nigel did bad. Nigel asked him how he was doing bad, so Weed said that he was a spy for trolls. His theory was that Nigel mad friends with people, then told the trolls there weakness. Nigel told weed that he did not do this, but weed was convinced that nigel did this. weed even claimed to have seen Nigel doing it, so nigel asked him when. Weed said he saw Nigel throughout time doing this, so nigel told him it was likely clones. Weed told him he was sure it was him, and then left. Nigel left too, calling weed an A___hole.

Well, he is named after a drug, maybe thats why he's a weirdo? ah well, ya are what you eat :|

Nigle then went back to hill4, seeing there were people there,and found lop n weed. they were talking about some crap and nigel asked weed why he left. then this ;





Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.32.11 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.31.38 PM






Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.31.26 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.31.08 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.30.56 PM








Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.30.24 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.30.04 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.29.50 PM








Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.29.33 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.29.33 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.29.14 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.13.12 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 8.12.58 PM












The racist PKG'ers - finish

ft Peepz, Brofist

December 11

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 8.16.56 AM

Nigel met 2 birds at city 5 named "Brofist_pkg" and "peepz_pkg". Nigel asked then who they were, but he got no answer, Peeps saying this he was in pkg territory. Nigel told him he was in the PKG as week, so bro laughed at this. Nigel told them that the PKG had changed its name, while Peepz asked nigel if he was filipino. Nigel told him it wasn't just filipino's, and that PKG had a lot of people now, he also told Peepz that his role was the advisor of the group. Peepz asked Nigel if he knew the leader, so Nigel told him that he did know Kidlat. peeps asked if he meant Koger, so Nigel guessed that that was Kidlat's real name. Peepz then said "he let non filipino's join the pkg? what the fu....??". Nigel told him that the PKG was meant for everyone, so Peepz said PKG was meant for only Filipinos. Nigel thought he remembered Kid saying something about peeps, but he couldn't remember if peeps was bad or not, so he told peeps that he remembered kid mentioning his name. Bro said "baka nang boang na si koger!(translated: Maybe when that fool Koger! o________o!??!?!?!?!?)", while nigel told Peepz that the new name for PKG was Arial volts. Peepz didn't seem to like this new name, while Nigel told him that the Pkg wasn't a racist group. Peepz repeated what Bro had said, and laughed, then saying "pkg to av? i don't like it!". Nigel told him to get over it, while bro told him that Peepz was a good friend of Koger. Peep asked Nigel where Koger was, so nigel told him he might be on later. Peep then started pooping on Bro, so Nigel decided to get out of there.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 8.07.53 AM


Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.57.34 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.57.22 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.50.45 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.42.49 AM

nigel go to city 4 and find bro n alien. he called bro rasist but he not? r sorry for thatnigel lol i ws working while u guys talking btw im kidlatbro one minnigel ok have ur wordnigelalien spank spankbro i met weed yesterday and tried to apoligize, but he wont fogive cause he thinks ima "spy" and he said i spy on all my friends and tell the trolls. thats whynigel av got ur back nigelbro nigel...alien ik why he calls u a spyalien why lol i dont even know who weed isbo why?nigel lol truth momentbro ur fandon page has blamed u nigel e_ealien well, im not taking it down just fro weed. nigel n, i dont even say peoples "weakness" on thatnigel brain talk o.obro lol kidlatalien who was this "pkg leader guy" peep was talkin bout before. was that u ?nigel the permenentbro yes the other mebro lolnigel the permanent!!!!!!!kid i have 100 o____oalien reggea division!kid clapsalien weed isnt in the pkg is he? kidlatnigel he in avbro and u alsokid well kick him outnigel and u two fight and king got his job to dokid wanna know what weed did?nigel let me typenigel o_Oalien when ryuik stole everyones fancy anmes, weed helped her, and used the names to clone people for fun. he also helped ryuik try to get rid of me on flab3.  :/ thats weed.nigel lolalien nice crahs kidlatlien come i have a glitch to showbro lat*alien weed helped ryuik steal peoples.. shut up alien.. names, and also cloned me for funnigel ill fool ya tooalien u got fooled its not even april fool!!!!!kid owe_e alien pooed on by kid eback - wanna see a cool glitch?nigel so what do we do with weedkid get him gonenigel he's troublenigel henry?bro idk...elien the other day he went around saying everyone but him was a stupid idiotnigel i cant decide untill i know things clearlyalien me tookid id u prove to us that weed is nothing but trouble then av got ur back.bro ill kick weeds ass if u proe italien oknigel yehh all av will.bro and his friends alsoelien he has no friends :/nigel ecept his lover ryuikalien he has two gfs ryuik n nazlialien wanna see the glitch?nigel waitalien come to menigel i am the magical eagle!nigel howo.o hey what if those bishy nonames attackkid frost is here no plans at allkid hello guysfrost city 6 phoenic!!!lorito jaijero. /screen shot/


december 14 - to be finished

Nigel made a websight for Kidlat, and realised if was very confusing getting both him and Kingslayer to go on it. Darknightslayey sat and laughed while they did this.

that night he Met weed as usual at city 5 where he n nigel argued. Angryswan was also there, going on about pee. he claimed he was the "leader of pee", ripping off the AV. after arguing for a while, Weed claimed that he hated nigel with a passion, so Nigel asked him "why? all cause you made up some dopey conspiracy about me?". Weed asked what, so Nigel said "the "nigel lies" stuff". Weed said that he did, so nigel told him he had no proof of this. Nigel brb.

When Nigel got back, Weed told him to "get the f___ out", so Nigel told him to make him. Weed then talked to nazli, asking her if she was going to bed soon and what not. Weed was leaving soon for some reason. Nigel started telling weed that he has no proof that he spied on people, so weed told him he didn't care for he wasn't talking to nigel anymore. while Nazli talked to weed, Nigel flew over to Angryswan and said hi to him(cause, what else the f*** can you do when your stuck with a pee-obsessed swan and a drug addict?), so Angry told him "av is now a-pee, you probably know". so Nigel pooped on him and flew away. Angry the left, and didn't come back. Nazli then asked a Noname who he was, so the nonane told her he was "nn". Weed then left, so Nigel decided to tell her what the deal was with him and weed. He started talking, while Noname told him he was weird(how nice.), but when he was about to tell nazli, weed came back. Nazli was accusing Noname of being "erick", but no name denied this. No name then left and cloned nigel, while weed told Nazli that when someone named "zeeke" was done, he would leave.

Nigel's clone then started pooping on him, so he started pooping on it back, while Nazli told him about the clone(well done nazli, the clone was here already for like 10 minutes :|) . while Nigel fighted the clone, weed stated that nigels name wasn't hard to clone. Nigel told him that his was the same, whileNazli said that her name was harder the clone. Weed said Nigels name, which was just "nigel_av" at the time(well done bravo weed ^^) so Nigel pointed out that he didn't have hs fancy name at the moment. Nigel's clone then started telling them that it could clone all of their names, while Nazli claimed that her name was the most beautiful. Weed told Nigel he could clone all of his names, and then told nazli that her name was the most beautiful.(*want to know where they got my fancy name? on this wikia i put it next to my user, so yea. weed actually just copy n pasted it instead of took the time to try n copy it himself. :P) Nigel pointed out how anyone could clone anyones names if they really wanted too, so weed told him he didn't care. Nazli said "mythooo!" for some reason. Nigels clone then told him that it had his fancy name, so nigel told her he didn't care, while Weed told Nazli he had to go soon.

Nazli then started going on about how she never did her homework, claiming she was just to lazy too. Weed said he didn't do his either, claiming that he was almost kicked out of school that day. Nigel told the two that they really were pathetic at times, so Nazli asked if he was talking about her. Nigel told her he was, so she told him she was laughing. Nigel told her "least i do me homework", so weed told him he didn't care(like, the 20th idc of the night!). Nazli told Nigel that homework was for "tapettes"(i translated it, it means either "f____king" or "pads") while weed told him he was probably fat and lonely too. while Nazli laughed her signature "hahaheheh", Nigel told weed that he actually had a job, so weed said "i was right" for some reason. Nazli told Nigle that his "best friend" had left, for his clone had indeed left. When his clone returned, it had his fancy name. Nazli started trying to kiss weed, while the clone told nigel that his name was easy to clone. Weed then told Nigel how his job was as a drug dealer, claiming to live in the "trap". he claimed to hustle money every day after playing flab3, and told nigel he always had clients. Nigel told him what his job was, and claimed "jeez, least i do positive stuff o_o". Weed said "yea but" so nigel asked him what. Weed told him "i like quick cash n quick a___! hahaha!"(yup, those drugs are.. doing stuff.) Weed, laughing at his own joke, claimed that he only did it for the rhyme, while nazli laughed, and said "nan mais oh!".

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 6.59.20 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 7.09.35 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 7.19.48 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 7.20.11 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 7.31.24 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 7.39.08 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 7.42.31 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 7.42.31 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 7.48.04 PM
From this morning

add this one for this mourning: this mourning he went to city 1 and just hung out. he made the "chick n egg" glitch as well, and took pictures of it. he then started killing someone named "starling" who kept killing everyone.

nan mais ohnazli  i love drugs weed and parties         wait till i tell the av this..  ur done fornigel     av?clone    and i love nazli   tell them i sell drugsweed   ur like 3 days behindweed  weed is a dileyrrenazli     they already know. like  everyone doesweed         ur a creepnigel   i been selling sense like 13?weed   since* now i know more about you!nazli creepnigel left

back weed? u dont rlly do drugs do u?nigel eba babeweed my game crashednaz ikweed anytimeweed liek alwaysnaz do u rlly do drugs i said yesweed who is realnaz i amnigel are u sleeping when i leave?weed nonaz u have no school tomarrowweeed i haenazli you? alost and yeahweed okkknazli when seeke plays and he finnishes hopefully i can find youweed /nigel then just lurked around waiting for weed to go/ pippa lagged? i g g weed ur going?nazli im the only one tht lagged o.ostorm the robin yes ill try to come backweed hi im nigel duuck my dickfakenigel ur leaving too?nazli kissed u no i staynazli nigel?nazli yea?nigel yeaclone ty storm ill answer for uclone shut up. bye weed back clone lagged the game... stop it!!!!!nigel ok?clone ..nigel i love u nigelclone nazi? yes can u tell weed to stop saying that i "spy" on people?nigel clone try lagg 80000 hill5 clone followed.. nazli? yesss can u ask weed to stop saying that i "Spy" on people? cause he is wrongnigel ok oknazli i love u nigelclone he's practicaly brainwashed himselfnigel nonazli yeanigel nonazli hes cutenazli ur brainwashed toonigel then why the hell would u be in love with a drug dealer?nigel he is the only one who loves me...nazli nigel answ mer bitchclone hes doing his job and its gamenazli. plenty of other people love unigel nobody loves menazli iknigelcone shut it clonenigel clone lagged nazli? be careful. u could end up getting killednigel ngield o u love meclone idknigel i said u could get killednigl can u be my bf nigel?clone what did saynazli if u stop cloning me i be ur bfnigel i cantariana then nope. ok doe this cound at cloning u? ariana change to fancy name yes. it does..nigel anything with nigel in it is cloningnigel u dont us this name!!!!!clone who is the realnazli prove itnaz ask me somethingnigel im thininggggggnaz ariana spam ah ok ik whos the rlnaz naz left i love u nigel!!!!!arian why?nigel be my bfariana if u stop cloning me i willnigel ariana left liesssssnaz what lies?nigel nothing. fakenigel is here now?ariana dont use nigel at allnigel ariana leaves again... its ariana naz no.. rlly?nigel yes i swear omg.. im so amazed.nigel fake nig.el is here now? ur ugly as usualnaz nazli kill ariana no n i g e or lnigel what do i change tofake to ariana the bitch or aranaslut!nazli fine..ariana left lol ariana is here now?ari back weba nigels my bf now?ariana e right back nigel i guess i am ur bf nownigel poomafia is shiting on nazli lol nigels my bf now!!!ariana island3nigel ok see ya nazli! i3 with the ariana! hi nigel the seegullariana so, what u wanna do?nigel wanna have se x with me?ariana o_o we just met?!nigel ok.. maybe another time..aiana maybe later..nigel ok what now?ariana idk?nigel whats he avariana its the new pkg pretty muchnigel ur in it?ariana yea im the advisornigel i was goina try and destroy it..ariana good lucknige plenty have tried before, non have done it yetnigel a noname is here yea but i can clone everyone in itariana so?nigel av will die if u cheat on meariana nest helper attack arian oh not u again island 5 i wont cheat on u, there not rly anyone to cheat on u with  :/nigel the only other person ive been with recently(like 5 month ago..) was springtrap but were more friends not mates nigel oh okariana the only other person ive been with recently(like 5 month ago..) was springtrap but were more friends not mates nigel i wont do that again.ariana okniel can i still clone u?ariana no or were donenigel i have all ur


put this in the first part where he made web sight for kidlat :)

namesariana sorry o.oariana  :/ she pooed on me) it fine. just, please dont clone me. its really not nicenigel okariana its reall not fun, to go on and all your friends hate you.. no one likes you.. all caus of a clonenigel if u knew what thats like, you wouldnt do itnigel i made everyone hate u last night. soryariana well, it didnt work :/ i was talkin with everyone this morningnigel and. can u help me get rid of av?ariana no. there all my friendsnigel can you please, for once try and be frieds with everyone instead of being mean to everyone?nigel island that kidlat guy a part of it? i hate him.arian  :|nigel ariana left. i find her later!           


december 15 - Finnish soon nigel.

ft Nazli, Erick, Angryswan, Merve, Rain           

Nigel went to Industry 4n and met Nazli. Angryswan and Erick were both already there, and were welcoming Nazli, while Nigel said "oh not erick...". Angry said "welcome transgender nazli! ^_^", so Nazli, thinking angry swan ariana, told him to stop it. Nigel told Nazli that it wasn't Ariana, but she refused to believe him. Angry decided to try and prove it to Nazli, saying "*unzips*, want proof?", but Nazli still wouldn't listen, so nigel gave up, telling her to believe what she wanted, but she was still wrong. Erick then started calling Nazli a sl__t, while nigel told nazli "i see them every day, i know what I'm talking a bout".           

Angryswan then went and named himself "ericks penis", and, as usual, went on a bout crap. Erick played along with it claiming that Angry helped him to ____ nazli, so angry started saying "don't i feel good? (^_^)". Nigel told Angry to shut up, so Angry said "you've just been penisfied!", then saying "also, i learned that nazli's __ is dry and saggy!". Erick and Angry then went on about ___ing Nazli again, so Nigel, having enough of Angryswan, finally decide to stop him and erick, so he said "fine, *gets knife*, i'll fix that for you, swan!" you can guess what happened next. it involved Erick losing something, and Angryswan becoming a ghost again.           

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 7.31.53 PM

criticising nazli

After a while of arguing with Erick and Angry, he started talking to Nazli about weed for some reason. He told nazli that weed hated him because of a thing he made up in his head, claiming it was probably the drugs he took that made him go mad. Nazli didn't believe him, and denied that Weed hated him, so he told her "drugs do stuff to you, ask angry swan." Nazli told nigel that weed wasn't dumb like Erick, so Nigel told her to be careful with weed, telling her he would probably hate her soon because of the drugs. Nazli told nigel that if she left Weed, she would be alone, so Nigel told her that weed was just an arrogant peace of crap, and that she didn't realise that weed treated her friends like crap. Nazli didn't answer, so nigel told her "you don't seem to care about others..". Nazli said "he's the only branch to which I can cling to", while Angry spammed about how he hated Nazli. Nigel then told nazli "you seem to like when others are mean to your friends" so she said "who is my friend?". Nigel told her that he was her friend, or so he thought, so she told him "but everyone likes you". Nigel told her that weed didn't like him, and made up lies about him claiming weed did it "all cause of a dopey thing he made up in his head". Erick asked Nigel if he could do something, so Nigel asked him what, while Angry said "everyone? *gives middle finger (-_-)". Erick told nigel "guess" but got no answer. Nigel then asked Angry if he hated him, so Angry told nigel that he didn't. Nigel told nazli "see? even angry's better then weed!, while angry told nigel that it was nazli he hated, claiming "a lot, do death. really. i want her to die." Erick asked Nazli if weed had ___ed her, so Nigel answered for him saying "he probably did, the two kiss in public". Erick asked nigel if thy real did, do Nigel told him yes, claiming to have seen them doing it, claiming "they kiss in front me of me". Angry asked "does weed ignore the fact that nazli is a man?" so erick said "yes, heheh". Nazli kept saying "Dac" for some reason, while erick asked her to give him a bj, to mock her. Angry said "or maybe she just need sot shave her moustache, while nigel said "so nazli has a hidden identity?" and laughed. Nazli, not realising nigel was talking about her, asked who, so he told her "your that dumb?"           

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 7.36.04 PM

Nazli then left, claiming she would be somewhere else, so Nigel said "well that got rid of her!", while erick said she was probably off crying. Nigel agreed, saying she would probably me crying behind weed. Erick and Angry started calling Nazli names, while Nigel told them that he really hated Nazli. Erick asked nigel if he really did, so he told him that yes he did, claiming "when ever weed does something, she just sits n laughs""dosnt care bout her friends at all!" Erick said that she did the same to him, while Angry called her a hairy man. Nigel told erick about how she just sat there when weed harassed him the other day and said "hahaheheh". Angry claimed nazli was a creep, so Nigel told angry that that was the one thing he agreed on with him. Erick told them nazli laughed like a s___, so Nigel and erick started laughing like her to mock her. Someone named "merve", who had been there the whole time talking in some gibberish to nazli, said her name,so Nigel told her "nazli is gone if you didn't realise, Merve". Merve, realising her mistake, left, so Nigel Erick and Angry laughed, erick correcting nigel calling nazli a ___ and angry saying *he.           

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 7.49.09 PM

Erick then told them that he had Nazli's phone number, so Nigel told him to call Nazli in real life, claiming that would teach her a lesson. he then said "i mean, she's with a drug addict, she's bound to get hurt". he then told Angry an Erick about weeds "profession". Erick claimed that Weed used nazli, so Nigel told him him agreed, claiming nazli didn't realise it. he then told them "he also hates me" "he claims i spy on people and then tell there secrets! he's gone f___ky in the head!!!". Erick pointed out that Nazli also did drugs, one called "chicha", so Nigel said that she had mentioned it before, and asked Erick what it was. Erick told him he couldn't translate it, so Nigel said he would look it up later. Angry then said that Nazli was weeds "pet" so Nigel, agreeing, said "yea, one way to put it." He told them "she does anything for him, and she dosnt realise the danger she's got herself into, in real life i mean". Erick asked what he meant, so he told him that with weed being a druggy, all it would was Nazli to give him her Adress then she would be "Dead as dirt". Nigel then said that weed was probably some grown up serial killer. Angryswan then left, so Nigel asked where he went. but his question was answered when Angry returned, now named "nazli's penis". nigel asked him why he wasn't a swan as he usually was, for angry was a macaw at the time. Nazli came on asking where nerve was, but Merve had just left right before she came on, so nigel told her this, telling her "perfect timing". Nigel, Erick and angry, not wanting Nazli there, then started telling her to leave, nigel saying "go hand out with your drug addict friend". angry told her to go far away, while eric said "Dac Dac et Dac ptn tu fait chier!"(ok ok and f__ you sh__t). Nigel told nazli "least i care about others, and don't act like a pet!", while Angry said "your dumb as a box of rocks, get lost!" and erick told her "nazli, rigole!(laughing!). Angry then finally answered nigel's question, claiming he was "hiding", so Nigel laughed at him, and said "er.. i think everyone can pretty much tell its you.". Nazli told nigel that she thought he was her friend, so he told her, "i did too, until you played along with weed", so Nazli told him "i have enemies like ariana too". Nigel told her "every time he's mean t me, you don't help, you laugh", while erick said "popopoo, pucnline." Nigel then told nazli that he helped her when Ariana was around, and asked "but you? you just sit n laugh". Nazli said that Nigel helped Ariana, so he told her he didn't, and killed her when she was around(well, except for last night.. eh. :/ ) , and told her "you just sit and laugh anyways." Erick said "nazliiii! ta chicha!!!!", while Nigel went on about weed again, and angry swan told nazli well, not everything is funny nazli! unlike your face..".           

Someone named "tumbleweed" then came on, so nigel, thinking this was weed, said "speak of the devil..." Tumble then proved not to be weed, nd actually rain, so nigel told her to go to hill4. Nigel then led tot hill4, telling Angry and Erick to take care of Nazli.           

attack of the tumbleweeds!

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 8.09.22 PM

i pooed on it :/

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 8.10.49 PM


Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 8.13.31 PM

aaaaaaand crap.

At hill4, Rain was there, as well as someone named "tumble weed 2". nigel, thinking this was a clone, stated killing it, so rain told him that it was just her on her second tablet. some random russian bird then said "I'm not russian!" and left. After wondering what the hell the russian person was doing, nigel said hi to rain, claiming "long time no see". Rain told nigel that she wasn't playing flab3 much anymore, and was on a different game named "cubic castle". someone else named tumbleweed 3 came on, so Nigel said it was an attack of the tumble weeds. Nigel flew over to t3, but realised something. it was a swan. he asks rain if it was her, but it wasn't. he then realised who it was, after t3 said "your moms game!!!". Nigel asked Tumble 3, who he now knew was angry swan, that he thought they were friends, but angry didn't answer. Rain then left for some reason, and didn't return.

Once rain was gone, angry said "i hate that rain. it must die!, so Nigel told him that rain was a friend, unlike nazli. Angry ignored Nigel, and asked if they could cook Rain, so Nigel told him "why don't we cook nazli instead? and gave weed steak on the side?! ;)". Angry then left, claiming "good idea.. i shall rrrreturn.". While nigel waited, he said "oh.. god... what is it now.. pee?". After waiting 10 minutes, Angry returned as "tumblefart1", so Nigel asked him "Really...?" "the best you can do?". Angy called him "nipootheseefart" so nigel asked him "i thought we are friends".

not finished continue untitled 2 and 3. - crap for nigel- .


hunting Ariana

ft Levi, Golden, Gamerz, Merve, beebo,

december 15

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.21.37 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.28.00 AM
Nigel met Levi that morning, and went to hill5. Someone had been lagging city1, using the size "5500" and "lx". At hill5, they chatted for a little while, levi saying the he was on christmas break now. Nigel said that christmas was in like 1 week, so Levi said it was next saturday. Nigel said "time to spam city 1 bout it hehehehe" and went to get his christmas spam that he made. When he got back, Levi asked him about Eren,so nigel told hm he had dent seen him for a while. Nigel's spam didn't work, for Gamevial had messed up the colour code, so After swearing about it, Nigel went over to Levi who was sitting in trash can. After chat ting for a bit more, Nigel had to go.


Later on Nigel met Gamerz, Alien and Beebo at hill2. Beebo(he first met her and Merve at city5, but they went to hill2 after nigel told her who he was) was a new member of the Av, so Nigel told him who he was. Nigel had been trying to show them all some spam he had made for the holidays, but it didn't work anymore for gamevial had messed up the colour code. Nigel told them "i was trying to do a spam thing, but as you can see, i failed.". Meenwhile, Gamerz and Merve were both poo fighting with each other, so Nigel decided to join in and pooped on Gamerfor fun, so Gamerz killed him int return. When he got back, Alien was asking if anyone played "wolf online", while Gamerz started killing him yet again. Nigel apologised, telling gamers it was a joke, so gamers stopped, saying sorry too. Nigel then decided to be a starling, and told gamers "i will be right back e_e >:)".             

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 12.22.49 PM

When he got back, Alien was asking what nigel had said, while merve was laughing, so Nigel, while kiling gamers, told Alien. Alien asked him what he had said to make Gamerz attack him, so he told him he had pooped on him, not told him anything. Alien then started telling them how it was really cold where he lived, so nigel told him that he lived on an island and never got snow. Alien asked him what island, so he told him where he lived. beebo said that where he lived had over a ft of snow, while Nigel told Alien that they went swimming at a beach for christmas day, saying "oh well, island life :/".             

After a little while, Alien asked Gamerz if he wanted to go to City 1 to do some hack called "crtl + w" on ariana. Nigel asked him what it was, to Alien told him it was a hack that shut down peoples tablets. gamers told Nigel he had already done it earlier to Angryswan, so nigel asked him what Angry did. Gamerz said he fell for it, while Alien said Angry named himself "very angry eagle". Merve then left. Nigel told them that angry swan was stupid, telling them that yesterday he wanted to "cook nazli". They then headed to city1 to hunt down Ariana.             

At city1, they started asking if she had been there, but she wasn't at the moment. Nigel told them to call her "ariama" to piss her off, while Alien told them to go look for her then meet back t hill5. After looking around, Nigel spamming "if your here ariana, then get your ass to hill5" at random places, they ended up giving up. Nigle then decided to leave.                                                    


ft Angryswan, Lovestory, Temer, Fake ace, Noname.


Kill me.........
                                                    that night he met angry swan named quaker oats, and someone named lovestory. love story pooed on nigel, so Nigle killed him while Angryswan claimed "eat me! I'm part of a nutritious breakfast!, thus giving away his identity. Nigel told him "F*** you, creep!!!!! o_O" and left.                                                    
Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 8.46.08 PM
Nigel then went to city 1 where someone named Temer pooed on him. a noname then killed Temmer so Nigel thanked him. Noname then started killing nigel, so he said "nvm then!!!!" and tried to get away but died. someone named "tracer" then came on, but wasn't really ace?. Noname accused nigel of killing him earlier that day, but nigel had only just got on. Nigel told Noname but he refused to believe it was ariana. Eventually Nigel gave up and left.

he hen went back and met the bird Kitty, who also accused him of killing her, and told her that is was really ariana. Kitty told Nigel that she was really the nonane, and she apologised for accusing nigel.                                                    



ft Gamerz, Golden, Dakrnight, Weed, Nazli, Angryswan, King of Kings

December 16

Nigel started the mourning meeting these.. names.

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 9.07.05 AM

Then he met Gamerz, who was mad at darknightslayer and wanted to kick him out of the pkg all because he pooled on him. Nigle told him that was was not how the av worked, and told the two to stop fighting. he then left Goldenfist to deal with the two.

then later

Nigel was being harassed by weed as usual, earlier that day he had tried to appoligize but weed refused to forgive him. Weed had now made up another story, saying that nigel controlled all the clones, and contacted them through Facebook. Nigel said that the reason clones showed up when he was now as because he was begin stalked. Weed also tried telling Nigelw as arianas "wife" to make nazli hate him.

Nigel also told Golden about how Weed was a drug dealer, much to his disbelief.
Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 7.17.56 PM
Nigel went to hill5 with Angryswan, who told him to say "i farted" and laughed hysterically when nigel did. he made a plan for revenge on weed. it started when Angry said that Weed would be cheating on Nazli with Cool girl jess. Nigel asked angry how he knew this, but he dint answer, obviously caught. Nigel asked him if he was cool girl, and finally found out that angry ws cool girl, but he just didnt tell people. Nigel, still mad at weed, decided to get revenge on him: Angry would continue what he was doing, get weed to ___ him, then tell nazli bout it. this way, nazli would realise who weed really was, and Nigel and Angyr would get their revenge. Angyr agreed to the plan, and said he would start tomorrow.

Angry then told nigel some of weeds secrets, claiming he found them out when he dated weed as cool girl jess. some of them were "he's 17, he's in new york, and he cheats on everyone". Someone named King of Kings came on, so Nigle told Angry to shut up. Angry told nigel he would tell Nigel more later. Nigel asked King to leave, but he refused to. Angry started trying to get King to levee by telling him he knew where he lived, claiming "I'm coming... don't turn around...". King said he didn't do anything wrong, so Nigel told him to leave for it was a private conversation. King said "it aint like ima tell someone, I'm knew i know no one here" so nigel told him "just. go." Nigel the decided to try going to hill3, so off they went.

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 7.20.49 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 7.25.17 PM

At hill3, Angry told him more secretes, but then King came back as angry was about to tell him all the people Weed dated. Nigel told King to leave again, but king didn't, asking "whats hill3?". Angry told him "this is ^_^", so king said he was bored and didn't want to leave. Nigel told him to go sh__ on birds at city1, but he still wouldn't go. Nigel finally gave yp,, while angry said "this room, its called hill3!". Angry told Nigel he would tell him more later, so nigel left.                  


d 17                  

listen to des templiers)  met the pkg as usual city 5 jeff call nazli nazlo they fight as usual nigel advise nott o but they do he go watch from building then everyone poo fights lol.    

not done                  


Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 2.01.12 PM

december 18                  

Nigel had been at city1, hanging out with other birds. Someone named "food" kept asking people to eat him, while someone named kindness kept telling food to "get in her mouth". Ole was there too, and was chatting with nigel.                  

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 2.20.46 PM

After this, Nigel and Alpha darlie went to hill5, and were followed by the swan. Angryswan started a rant as usual, claiming that swimming was bad, for Alpha said she had a swimming lesson the next day. Angry said "now, story time." and started going on a bout parasites that lived in water, ways you could die in water, and other things. He then named himself be afraid, so nigel told him that the name was getting old. he changed to "be afraider" so Nigel told him it was even dumber. Angry then changed to "be afraiderer" so nigel told him that adding a er didn't make it any better. he then changed to "Feer." so Nigel corrected him. He changed the "Fea." then "Fear.", so Nigel asked "why can't you be joy or happiness?".                  

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 2.21.41 PM

Nazli then came on with someone named "nisa", while angry changed to "Swamming".                  


Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 2.28.54 PM

☀back  poo on people mazafaker3000 and nazli is spamming alalalalallalala and angry said "keep the water out fo ur nose"   maz killed me?     i dont sve people.angry   maz chase me   stop!!!!nigel backalphanownoname       aaahhhh a nn!!!angry   weba        why dont u change back to fear, leas tthat one was spelled right for a chnagenigel   hahahaalpha  he left  lmao and he didnigel            fearer is here  ..nigel       its fear, not fearernigel   anry lef ti b right back                


Flab3 breaks down yet again

In the next few days, Flylikeabird3 stopped working yet again. the game would lagg everyone out at once, and when you went back, you couldn't go into multiplayer.                

so far the problem hasn't been fixed.                

merry Christmas.                


who is who?

ft josh, nazli, angryswan, 5a987

December 26                

Flab3 finally started working again,( well it was still laggy,) and met someone at city 2 named "josh" who was making a nest In mid air?                 


right under the pigeon, you can see his nest in the air

Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 6.54.56 PM

Then he went to industry 4, and met Nazli and told her about the problem with Flab3. She didn't seem to notice, and ignored nigel when he told her about it. Nigel told her "its been acting up, lagging, an what not for a week!!!!!!!", but she still didn't seem to notice. She then said "alooo, finally a friend", so Nigel asked her what she was saying. She then said she had seen Angry, so he asked where and when. Just as he asked her someone named "who" came on. ya can guess who who was.                

Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 6.56.45 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 6.57.28 PM
Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 6.57.09 PM

as usual, who, now known as angry swan, started spamming crap. he said "who is who? I'm who. who are you?". Nigel started cussing, while nazli told Angry "your mom!" angry asked "who, who you? me who?" while nigel said "so flab3 breaks down. and within a minute of it being back up your on here. f**ing creep.." Angry started spamming "who" in big letters, so Nigel said "and this is why i was judging if coming back was actually worth it!!!!!". while Nigel told Angry to get a better name then "who" Angry started fighting with a macaw named "5a987" and nazli said "ftg salope" for some reason. Nazli then started killing Angry so angry yelled "whoooooooooo!!!!!!!!" and then died. Nazli then said she was tired, so nigel told her to go to bed. Angry came back, now named "santa claus", so Nigel said "christ......". Nigel then decided to leave when Angry started spamming "yu gits a ___ fur cristmas!!!!>:o".                          


December 27

ft Nazli, Josh, Matilda

december 28                          

Nigel went to snow 1, where Nazli was hanging out with a few other birds. someone named josh was pooping on random people, while someone else named matilda was making a nest.                          

After talking to her for a few minutes, Nazli asked nigel why the game kept lagging, so Nigel told her "if you couldn't tell, there's something wrong with it?! Nazli seemed clueless, acting as though nothing was wrong with the game at all. Nigel gave up and left.