This is just links to every day in 2016, so its easier to find things and what not.

not finished!!!!

I will do this for 2017, but right now I'm going through all of 2016, and editing the unfinished ones one by one, oh what fun ... -_-

January 4 Edit

the return of the f____ Edit

gamerz warns Nigel about the f___ who has returned. Edit

January 13 Edit

thunder Edit

January 14 Edit

Gamerz Gamerz and Gamerz Edit

January 15 Edit

Dinosaur returns Edit

January 29 Edit

Emily vs Silver=cunt Edit

Emily, yum soda, Silver=cunt, springtrap, asuna and Levi. Edit

January 30 Edit

The Start of "levi" Edit

ft Levi, hate, Springtrap, Pruple, greentea and ryuik Edit


february 2 Edit

gull clan Edit

February 3 Edit

Nigel, Spring and jewel Edit

Spring, Jewel, Blue, Flora

February 4 Edit

feb 4 Edit

Stormy the falcon, Lexi the falcon, Springtrap, Anopheles, Dishyan, Blackfire, Kapro, Fluffy, and blackwidow. Edit

February 8 Edit

the deal Edit

ft Ariana Edit

February 9 Edit

The hidden room? Edit

Sadness, Berny, Gamerz, Springtrap, Blackfire, Killerswan(angryswan), Kapro Edit

February 10 Edit

Emily the stalker Edit

ft Emily Edit

February 11 Edit

feb 11 Edit

Levi, Eren Edit

February 12 Edit

Valentines day Edit

Springtrap Edit

February 15 Edit

Vokun gone crazy! Edit

Vokun, Eren, Levi, Blackwolfking Edit

February 16 Edit

The discussion | Nigels ghost story Edit

Green swallowtail, Greenswallows mate, Springtrap, Eren, Gamerz, polyboros,  Silverwolf, Faithfirecat, Satan, Levi, Deeznuts and Angryswan. Edit

February 17 Edit

Sachas return Edit

Sacha, Noname(vokun?), Gamerz, Eren, Levi, Jared, Spring, Edit

February 18 Edit

Nigel, Levi, Eren vs Vokun the crazy bird Edit

ft Levi, Eren, Vokun, Jared, Kapro Edit

february 19 Edit

the cloner Edit

Poi,  Sacha, Ariana, Phoridae, mad hatter, nice princes, Thunder, Levi, Eren and Dj Edit

February 21 Edit

Vokun again Edit

Levi, Diamond, Vokun, Gamerz, Edit

February 22 Edit

Nigel and Delta Edit

Rio2 Jewel ,bad Noname, Good noname, Jacktheripper,Deltastryke, Edit

February 23 Edit

Levi and Ryuik Edit

351, Russian bird, Talha, Rarity, dark saga, dj, deadpool, ema, Ryuik, Blackfire, Levi, Edit

february 24 Edit

the return of frodo Edit

WrappedupFrodo, Gamerz, Souf, Clockwork, Levi, and Vokun Edit

February 29 Edit

pristos return Edit

Pristobrycon, Ariana, Death, Levi, Ert, Eren, Angel, Noname, Eyelessjack, and Clockwork. Edit


March 1 Edit

Vokun can't kill Nigel Edit

Vokun, Gamerz, Levi, Clockwork, 4949, jeffline. Edit

note - possibly angryswan? Vokun was doing the "something, then notsomething" thing.?        Edit

March 4 Edit

Banning people Edit

Gamerz, jeffline Edit

March 5 Edit

Levi's mistake Edit

Levi, Jeff, Kingwolf, Gamerz, Eyelessjack, Mathew, Colin, Little suze, Death Edit

Levi decides to run away from home, so nigel and eren try to help his brother Colin catch him. Edit

March 6 - 7 Edit

Levi up to no good Edit

Eren, love, Zero, Levi. Edit

March 11 Edit

March 11 Edit

Clones of Levi and Eren. Shontey, Noname, Adriana, Stopjeff and a noname(angryswan?), Digital,muffin, Ryan, Chameleon, Ryuik, Levi, Death, faith, Edit

Another sighting of angryswan, now named "stop jeff" this is also a possible reason that Angry is not Vokun for they are seen together. Angryswan also appeared as a noname, claiming to do bad things. Edit

March 13 Edit

Nigel and 4949 Edit

4949, Shadowfox, gfn, ariana, Edit

March 14 Edit

Meeting Vokun again Edit

Vokun, Faithsnowfox, Ariana Edit

March 15 Edit

on march 15 Edit

Angryswan, Jared, Frost, Levi, Eren ,bird Edit

note: Angryswan is caught trolling Edit

March 16 Edit

Kappy and Nigel Edit

Ft Kapro, yuki, Levi, Gamerz, Edit

March 18 Edit

Ariana's cloning again Edit

ariana, faithicecat, fawful, springtrapmangle,waterstar, Levi, Eren, Crow and Crow, Habibi, Blackfire, Silver Edit

march 18 Edit

Fan Ni Sha returns Edit

Frost, Gamerz, Angryswan, Mallkariss, Hawky, Golden first Edit

March 22 Edit

Nigels stalker Edit

Fawful, Deadpool, Frost, Angryswan, Lisha, Eren, gamerz, Ariana, Levi. Edit

March 23 Edit

The magical glowing trees! Edit

Levi, jeffiline, Ariana, Edit

March 24 Edit

Angryswan the liar Edit

Angryswan, Fawful, Gamerz, Levi, MLG bird, Edit

angryswan lies about shutting Flab3 down. Edit

march 25 Edit

Good Friday Edit

Blackcatzcl, Cherie, Blu rio, Pexil(gamers?), Taylor, Joao(brazil), Levi, Fawful, Edit

March 26 Edit

Nigel, Skipper and Live Edit

Skipper, Levi, Gaze, este fanny, Shotgunsecurityguy, ruis, dj, gamerz, Edit

March 28 Edit

Popular's return Edit

ft popular girl Edit

March 29 Edit

The racist birds Edit

ft Purpleguy and dawn Edit

March 30 Edit

March 30 Edit

Levi, Eren, Ultra, Polar, senpai, gamerz, Jeff, Ash, Dawn, Korra, Edit


April 1 Edit

The Levi crisis Edit

Levi, Eren, Hawky, Cress Edit

April 2 Edit

Levi crisis continues Edit

levi, Simplelife, Kathey, Pyscho, Purplelovergirl, Mari, Frost, Felipe clone, Ryuik, Jeff, Lisha, ABC, Cherie, Donna Edit

April 3 Edit

april 3 Edit

Skipper, Gaze, Dawn,Chloe, Miku, , Mimi, Edit

April 4 Edit

Levi crisis 3 Edit

Eviltwat, Ryuik, Levi, Lisha, Edit

April 5 Edit

Dear lysa Edit

ft Lysa. Edit

April 6 Edit

The Levi crisis part 4......... Edit

Ryuik, Levi, Blackfire, Cash, Edit

April 7 Edit

Springs return Edit

Springtrap, Cortika, Whitewolf, Lysa Edit

April 11 Edit

Attack of the Polska warrior | bop is back?! Edit

Polskawarrior, Gamerz, Edit

April 12 Edit

Bob is defiantly back. Edit

В.Путин.Bop!, Duchess, Gamerz, Blackfire Edit

April 15 Edit

The very scary kapro! Edit

Kaprosuchus, springtrap clone, Jeffline, Edit

April 17 Edit

The hawk that quit. Edit

Hawky Edit

April 18 Edit

let me in let me in let me it! Edit

♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀, Amir, Theyareback!(Angryswan........), camka, supergirl, sweetgirl,frost, gamerz, mounafix Edit

April 20 Edit

Nigel and Blackfire vs the hater. Edit

Blackfire, Lysa, Silver, babe, epustia, Vikiria, ihatenigel(possibly vokun or angryswan), Edit

April 21 Edit

Face dude. Edit

ft Levi Edit

April 22 Edit

Not again..... Edit

Cherie, Donna, bri, Dovi Edit

April 23 Edit

Icecream at Industry 7 Edit

Cherie, Icecream, Ryuik Edit

April 24 Edit

The fight at city 1 Edit

gamerz, F__ refugees(angry swan?), Digi, Tazer, Silver, luigi, Darkgirl, Peridot, Fallen, Jeffline, Levi, eagle noname, Silver, Raven, Frost, Purplenoname, Killer, and more Edit

The bird army Edit

ft Raven, Silver , whisper, purplenoname, killer, Levi, Edit

April 27 Edit

Ace forgotten? Edit

Populargirl Edit

note, this was the last time Nigel ever saw Popular Edit

April 29 Edit

the grey Edit

grey Edit

April 30 Edit

Lisha did what?! Edit

lysa, Digital, Blackfire,odellbechamjr ,Nikidragon54,Blah blah blah Edit


May 1 Edit

the name problems Edit

Nazli, Dragon tiger Edit

May 4 Edit

Springs' here / the SoS Edit

Springtrap, Kot, Lefranciswolf, Rain, 98754357890, I f_ed your mom(at the time thought to be ariana, but possibly angry swan?) Edit

May 5 Edit

the fooled birds Edit

Luigi, Unknown, Ignorethisbird, Rin,139,bapexka, Levi, Eren, Emma Edit

Levi's stitches Edit

May 6 Edit

the glitches Edit

Ruis, Shadowolf, Hitman, Gamerz, fake nigel, Edit

robbery | Levi's stitches part 2

May 7 Edit

you dum dum | ace's return. Edit

Ace, Giggetygoo, Angryswan Edit

May 8 Edit

Bola Edit

Gamerz, Bola, Dracula Edit

May 11 Edit

the warning Edit

Dishyan Edit

May 12 Edit

Swift and Wither Edit

swift, wither storm, Edit

May 12 Edit

Yet another argument with cherie Edit

ft the famous cherie and donna Edit

May 13 Edit

may 13(will never be done/ just text from the chat.) Edit

May 15 Edit

classified Edit

hades Edit

May 17 Edit

The very looong day Edit

Goldie, Neon, clockwork, Ruis, Frost, Shadowolf, XXXXX(angryswan), Nightfox, casey, vlad putin,  Edit

Vlad Putin Edit

cazzo, Vlad Putin Edit

Felipe vs Felope Edit

Angryswan, King j, Gamerz, Cherie, Eren, Levi, Edit

May 19 Edit

not finished Edit

Levi, Maleringneck, blackfire,The joker, Bazook Edit

discussing Angryswan Edit

May. 20 Edit

Nigel and Frost's discussion Edit

DJsava, Flatty, Kot, Ruis, Frost, Bloodwolf(giggetygoo?), Energia(shadowwolf),deltawolf, Robin, Shadow the owl, eren Edit

Nigel vs Shadow Edit

May 21 Edit

Gamerz problem continues Edit

Shadowwolf, Bloodwolf(giggetygoo? or a clone? o.0), Giggetygoo(now named blazon), Kot, ferrarro Edit

May 23 Edit

Mafia's back? Edit

Mafia, Zoom, Edit

May 24 Edit

Nigel's back mistake Edit

Frost and Nigel Edit

frost Edit

The mistake. (this is very long and contains a lot of arguing) Edit

Cherie, Donna, Kyraa,  Shift, notfighter Edit

Later Edit

Cherie, Jeffiline, Notfighter(possibly gamerz???), fake clockwork, Edit

note : this will never be finished for i lost the rest of the script when my other computer broke down. the rest just was more arguing and what not, nothing exciting :| Edit

may 26 Edit

the deal of one week Edit

Cherie, fighter, Edit

new problem - end of may Edit

Flab3 shuts down Edit

Frost, Cherie's daughter Edit

Report from the Flab3 news  Edit


June Edit


June 4 Edit

the return Edit

Noot, Random maaannn Edit

june ? Edit

the k word Edit

Frost, winged, Cherie Edit

June 17 Edit

Nigel's computer broke down Edit

June 20 Edit

The new day Edit

Donna, Gamerz, Viking, Silver, Edit

June 23 Edit

bothering the rabbit Edit

Judy Hopps, Digital, Noname, Edit

June 24 Edit

the liar? Edit

Bantom chicken, Eagle chick, Cherie, Sunset, blackfire(ariana clone) Edit

June 26 Edit

Hide and seek / the confusing hour Edit

Frost, Oneshotkiller(angryswan, known as "angry bird" at the time. at the time it was thought it was Polska but it turned out not to be),Nutral, Gamerz, Female macaw, Digital, Donna, Mr mercedes, Edit

the confusing hour Edit

ruis, frost, mew(ace), king, donna, noname2(angry swan), marcelpl,blackfire, polska Edit

June 28 Edit

the new glitch Edit

Ryuik, Gamerz Edit

June 29 Edit

"Levis" Edit

Levis, Donna, Edit

Nigel meets Levi's clone and Donna discusses how much she loves ryuik. Edit

June 30 Edit

The banning of giggitygoo Edit

Nigel finally had enough of Symon Joe. Edit


July Edit


July 1 Edit

"someone" Edit

Angryswan(someone), Ace, Gamerz, Thronfox, Edit

July 2 Edit

Fatality Edit

ringneck family, Frost, ace, silver, chibi(angryswan.?),easterling, Dj, Ariana Edit

lea Edit

Lea°,Breeze, Edit

July 3 Edit

ABC? Edit

Alphababycat, Darknightslayer, Frost, giggetygoo(named bloodwolf, i didn't know it was him at the time), nazli, Gamerz, Nelly, Edit

July 5 Edit

Donna's message Edit

donna Edit

July 7 Edit

the "thing". Edit

Ace, Angryswan Edit

July 10, Edit

July 10 Edit

cutthroat, Easterling, Digital, Edit

Later Edit

Ace, Frost, Edit

July 11 Edit

Jully 11 Edit

Cherie, Donna, Lysa, Therealpoke, Paczaji, Grace, Edit

Donna causing trouble.. yet..again....... Edit

Cherie, Donna Edit

July 13 Edit

the "stick" Edit

(with a title like that, you can guess the first person), Icewolf, Noname, Edit

July 15 Edit

fefe Edit

Shiva, Tweetee, Eren, Gamerz, Edit

later Edit

mew, Mewlover, Giggetygoo, Edit

July 16 Edit

the lil' parrot Edit

Bloodwolf, Giggetygoo, Eren, Ammar, pikchu, Gamerz Edit

note Giggety had claimed that someone named "bloodwolf" had given him the name bloodwolf, which he used later in the year. this person was possibly the real bloodwolf and not the clone claiming to be him that showed up later. Edit

July 20 Edit

Ariama Edit

Ace, Gamerz, Balckfire, ABC Edit

July 22 Edit

July 22 Edit

Cherie, Donna, Donald duck, ♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀,Muffie, Edit

July 24 Edit

Im not alone Edit

Im not alone,  Wercia121, Edit

later Edit

ace, Frost, wercia121, Edit

Later that day Edit

Ace, giggetygoo(now named bloodwolf), gamerz, digital Edit

July 25 Edit

July 25 Edit

Blackfire, whiteface, semi-wolf. Edit

July 27 Edit

July 27 - unfinished Edit

Frost, ace, Gamerz, Polar Edit

later Edit

Jack, Cherie, ace, wings Edit

July 28 Edit

Felipe vs blood wolf vs Angryswan Edit

Giggetygoo(bloodwolf), donna, angry swan Edit

later Edit

Ace, i♥felipe, Wolfgirl, ✿✿✿✿ Edit

Lesson learned Edit

Male owl, Female owl, Ariana Edit

Glimmer Edit

Glimmer, Boo, Edit

July 29 Edit

the_pkg Edit

Gamerz, Ace, Angryswan, Giggetygoo(still named bloodwolf Edit

July 31 Edit

the rebel Edit

ace Edit


August Edit


August 3 Edit

the return of the wasp Edit

Frost, Mysterious noname, Vespula, Giggetygoo(now named poltergeist..),Gamerz \ Edit

later Edit

donna, jack, hawk Edit

August 5 Edit

discussing vespula Edit

Gamers Edit

taste of her own medicine Edit

Digital, Ariana, Edit

august 6 Edit

killer kat Edit

killer kat Edit

Later Edit

Topaz lagged(angryswan..), Edit

August 7 Edit

august 7 Edit

Eren, Mr.ok Edit

Later Edit

eren, Giggetygoo(poltgiest), Edit

Polter did what?! Edit

Giggetygoo, Bella, Donna, Cherie. Edit

august 8 Edit

Angryswan vs Nigel and Bloodwolf Edit

gamerz, Eren, Blackfire, Frost, Chuckyboy, Giggetygoo, Angryswan Edit

Angryswan clones Chucky Edit

Brownwolf, Angryswan Edit

August ? Edit

the next few days Edit

Chucky boy, Digi, Mufasa, Kapro, Angryswan Ariana. Edit

august 12 Edit

kidlat meets the one and only Angryswan + rain and Shans return Edit

Shan, Crow, Frost, Emma, Edit

later Edit

later - will not be done Edit

August 13 Edit

The story of the PKG Edit

Kidlat, Frost, Icewolf, Giggetgoo(now named spirit....),bendrowned Edit

yet more drama Edit

Gamerz, Ace, Emma, Chucky boy, Digital, Giggetygoo(spirit) Edit

august 14 Edit

The giant chick - gallery here. Edit

Ruis, Chuckyboy, Eren, Jack, Edit

Chucky's last sighting Edit

Cucky, Frost, Spirit, Edit

august 15 Edit

yet another ol problem with cherie Edit

Cherie, Shadow, Giggetygoo. Edit

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